Need advice from sum1 who used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on LV handles!!!!

  1. Someone accidentally marked red lipstick on my Speedy 30's handle (only 1 of the handles), and I took some TPF members' advice on using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the leather part, so I did. Well, that part is lighter now than the rest of the handle, so I'm wondering now if that part will also get darker!! I'm scared that it will stay LIGHTER than the rest....So will it "oxidize" like the rest again?? The lipstick did come off, but now I'm worried....will it get darker again or stay light??:push:
  2. Eventually it will even out. What about cleaning the rest of the handles?
  3. I've done the same thing, I think it will get darker eventually, it's not like it's an extra layer or anything.
  4. Why don't you just clean the whole handle?
  5. Yes, clean the whole handle. Then it will be even. Condition afterwards.
  6. ^^^Yes, as I showed in my thread, when ever you clean the vachetta you have to clean it all evenly, so you don't have lighter spots...good to know it took off the lipstick.
  7. It will darken.
  8. I would clean both handles completely.
  9. I will see how that goes....What lotion or conditioner should I use? Any specific ones that someone has actually used on their LV?? That magic eraser does dry up the leather a bit.
  10. my mom just used the magic eraser on hers but i'm too afraid to on mine + mine aren't dirty anyways. but i just put wilsons leather lotion on my trouville & it dried evenly. I'm about to do my other two purses when i'm done looking on here :smile: & then tomorrow i'm going to use the leather protectant spray.
  11. No, the magic clean eraser does not darken vachetta at all.
  12. I would use any aerosol conditioner, they, to me are the easiest to apply.
  13. Think that the eraser has any chance of lightening pen marks? Don't know how, but wound up with one on one handle of my neverfull and it's sooo irritating me!