Need advice from RH and GH owners please..

  1. i'm contemplating a GSH city.. just wondering if the weight of a GH bag would much heavier than the RH?? (I'm buying online so I can't feel them IRL)

    Many thanks in advance :heart:
  2. It is a tad heavier, I don't have scales so I can't weigh them to compare. Maybe someone else who has weighed them can chime in!
  3. agree with jade. It's not a whole lot heavier but once you overstuff it, it can break your arm. LOL...
  4. I don't own any BBag YET. But I did check BALSG 2 weekends ago when they just launched the Pre-Collection. I was trying out the RH vs GH & already I can feel a whole lot of difference in the weight. I think if I were to handcarry any bag, I would not be able to cope with the GH when I stuff my bag with the things I lug normally. Otherwise the GH look really nice. Strangely I think GGH look really nice on the Pale Magenta(tho a SGH would be a better choice).
  5. thx for the advice ladies ;)
  6. I think it is 1lb heavier... I personally prefer the regular hardware because it's lighter.. but I think the SGH looks awesome with black or blue..
  7. The weight difference is significant.... I'd have to guesstimate 2lbs. or more. For a City, I'd highly recommend the RH, as the GH can make the city look a little busy. The GH is great on a PT, Work, & Day. Hope that helps~! :tup: