Need advice from New Yorkers!

  1. Hello!

    My DBF just found out that he will be going to NYC for training in March! His expenses are all taken care of so I'm taking advantage of the free accomodation to go shopping!

    Now, I'm trying to find a hotel that is close by so its easy for him to walk to the building every morning. The building is located around 6th Avenue and W 56th Street. I've been pouring over googlemaps looking for hotels but they all seem to be at least a block away? How large are NYC blocks? Also, what would you guys say is average for rates? I've seen $219 a night at Park Central to $750 at St Regis! Any help at all would be sooo appreciated!

    I can't wait to shop!!!! Thank you all in advance!!
  2. Wowwww...lucky girl!! :yahoo:

    Blocks between the numbered streets (running North-South) are quite short. Count on crossing one of the short blocks within 45 seconds - 1 minute (depending on how fast you walk and how distracted you get when window shopping!)

    Blocks between avenues (running East-West) are longer. The length of these blocks is about 2-3 times longer than the short blocks.

    Generally, you don't want your hotel to be more than 4-5 short blocks and 1.5 long blocks away altogether from where your DBF will be working, if he counts on walking a short commute. Then again, he can totally knock himself out by staying in a hotel farther away if he enjoys walking, othewise he can take public transportation!

    What is his budget for the hotel? In the area where you will be staying, you have a whole range of hotel choices. The hotel rates in the area where you will be staying fall exactly between the ranges that you mentioned; don't expect to find a hotel less than $149/night . One really nice hotel that is nearby where your boyfriend will be working is Le Parker Meridien (57th St. between 5th & 6th Ave). They have Norma's restaurant, which is the #1 brunch place in the city (quite pricy). They also have the Burger Joint, which is one of the best burger places (reasonable prices). If you like boutique hotels, the Hudson Hotel is a little farther away, but totally worth the stay if you appreciate design (Philippe Starck designed!) and a "see and be seen" atmosphere. Again, it's all dependent on how much your boyfriend's company is willing to pay!

    You'll also be in prime shopping area too! Fifth Avenue is right there, as well as all the Madison Avenue boutiques. :yes:
  3. Thank you for your fantastic reply! That was exactly the kind of information I was looking for! I think he would rather walk than have to call a cab just to go down 2+ long blocks, it just seems like so much more trouble! I, on the other hand, have ALL day while he's in training to wander and shop so I don't mind having to walk a few blocks!

    His manager told him to make a list of a couple of hotels with price ranges and the manager's assistant will make the arrangements. Do you have any suggestions for $300-$500 a night thats within walking distance? He's going to find out a more defined budget tomorrow because it seems like we can't find anything close enough for less than $350 a night. If thats the case, then I don't think they have a choice and we'll just have to stay at a nice hotel!

    btw, I think your collection is awesome!! Its the perfect combination of classic, chic and trendy!!
  4. I like the Pierre, though it's kind of an old money sort of place, but great location, in the same building as Barneys Madison, on 57th and 5th overlooking Central Park.

    New York blocks are quite small. Avenues are a lot longer. The Parker Meridian is also right there. I think the (other) Four Seasons is close by too, not 100% sure of the address.

    Have fun! Shopping is great in the area ... especially on Madison, starting at Barneys ... but 5th Ave. can be super crowded.