Need advice from my Chanel buddies!

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  1. Hi there,
    There are just so many Chanels that I want this season that I must widdle down some of my other bags....I guess I am a Chanel girl at heart:heart:
    So I think I have weeded down my bbag to the lowest I am willing to go. I have only two Chloes that I just got so I am going to keep them. Now my sites are set on weeding down my LV collection... There are a few bags that I can't part with, my speedy 30, luco tote (use for work), cabas alto (use for travel)
    1. One easy choice is that I have both a cabas piano and batignolles horizontal --I need to keep one but one of them has to go...which one would you suggest? If pix would be helpful, maybe I can have hubby take them later...
    2. Others that have potential for the chopping block are toledo blue epi alma (pretty much have decided to let this one go), bronze vernis houston (never have worn it because it is so delicate but it is also very beautiful), black mat stockton (again never wore it but it is a really pretty bag)...What do you think??
    Thanks in advance for your advice!
  2. 1. - I prefer the BH personally ;)

    2. Keep the one you'll use, the others are FAB, but aren't doing you any good if you could have a Chanel instead that will get some use ;)

    Can you post pics of the bags in #2?
  3. I prefer the BH too. And I could never part with my Speedy 30; it's my knock-around bag, lol!

    I'm going through a similar thing right now. I returned my choco Chloe box/bowler to BG online and my choco Edith is going back today to NM online. Both of these bags I swore I'd never part with when they arrived. However, neither were practical to keep for the long-term, and returning them is allowing me to purchase the vintage ligne tote in dark brown.

    It is so worth it to me to only have a small collection of bags that I will use versus a large collection of bags that will sit around unused. Much of that decision is based on being on a fixed income though. If I had the money, things might be different! :biggrin:
  4. I would sell the ones that you could replace again if you missed them. Unless, of course, you bought one that you loved at the time and then fell out of love with....and never used.
  5. Definitely keep the BH! I loove the shape and style of that bag! *crossing my fingers that they will release it in Damier next year!:graucho: *

    As for the other LV, the Bronze Vernis Houston is beautiful!:love: But, I do see your concern about using it since it's Vernis. It's darker, though, so maybe you won't have to be too careful about it? Then again if you never use it, perhaps you should sell it. Same goes for the other bags. :yes:

    BTW, which BBags have you decided to keep? Did you keep that gorgeous Navy Hobo? Soooo beautiful!:heart:
  6. BTW, which BBags have you decided to keep? Did you keep that gorgeous Navy Hobo? Soooo beautiful!:heart:[/quote]

    I ended up keeping the ink and white cities, caramel hobo and black purse. Sold the gorgeous navy and brown hobos :crybaby: (loved both but I tend to wear neutrals instead of blue and although I am definitely a fall --olive skin, brown eyes--for some reason I don't tend to use a brown bag except for my speedy 30 and cabas or bh) and am going to sell the black hobo...I think I am happy with the bbag collection right now and feel pretty good about my decisions!
  7. Swanky, I have the BV not BH...does your vote still hold?
    Here are the other LVs in questions...
  8. Yeah, I think I still prefer the BV. . .
    OMG! That bronze vernis is SO yummy! I don't know if I could part w/ it! I have a soft spot for that flavor!:yes:

    My vote is BV and bronze vernis!
  9. Thanks Swanky!! I am leaning toward definitely letting the cabas piano and the alma go... I am still indecisive on the vernis and mat bags. The mat is so pretty too --have you seen IRL? It is has a very very subtle metallic sheen....Sigh...
  10. I love the bronze vernis piece! The color is so stunning!
  11. Thanks elong....that one might have to be a keeper!!
  12. yeah, the mat is beautiful, but the bronze is just SO striking!