need advice from moms: friends w/one child/parents, but sib is a nightmare

  1. okay- as my daughter is getting older, she (and I) are making new friends. what i have encountered is that the mom is really nice, and my daughter's friend is great, but her brother is just a naughty kid. mean, physically hurtful, etc. and the mom DOES NOTHING but laugh it off. i don't know how to handle these situations. i left last time, only to have the child follow me out and drive his motorized jeep into my daughter (who was sitting in a wagon) over and over- again, mom said nothing. please advise!!!

    what to do when moms ignore bad behavior??? thanks, all!
  2. If he was doing something that could potentially hurt my child or any child, I would ask the child to stop and explain that it could hurt someone. The only reason I am suggesting to say something is because the mother isn't doing anything. Safety is a priority.
    I once saw our neighbour's older son throwing a scooter and missing his older brother. I mentioned this to the mother she asked me to say something to the kids next time I see had behaviour.