Need advice from ladies on the pill for 10+ Years…

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  1. (sorry a bit long) I’ve been taking the same pill for going on 13 years (Ortho Novum 777). Up until 2 years ago, I had no problems but more and more I am finding that my moods are more erratic (I get very irritable and emotional), my libido is absolutely non-existent except for the week that I am on the in-active pills/menstruating (somewhat ironic), and I am more tired and fatigued during the three weeks I am on the active pills. I’ve kept a journal of these ‘side effects’ and noted that 2 – 3 days into the active pills after my period, I feel these side effects... and I'm starting to really hate it (especially the low libido and mood swings)

    I’ve started doing research and found that this is not uncommon for women like me who have been on the pill for a prolonged period of time (particularly the low libido). But what alternate methods of BC are there ? I have not had children yet and we do not plan to start trying for 5 years. I’ve been looking at the non-hormone IUD’s, but I get a bit nervous reading about “dislodging” (which apparently is more common in women who have never been pregnant) and the potential for prolonged bleeding (I also have to admit, the description of strings hanging down sort of freaks me out).

    Has anyone switched to IUD (the copper T) or another form of hormone based birth control and had good results? I know there are tons of different pill formulations out there, but I’m worried that any other hormone based BC option will have the same side effects as my current pill. Obviously I plan to speak with my Dr., but thought some of you would have experiences to share. Thanks in advance.
  2. I hate BC.. I rather use preservatives than take pills again.. I had all these side effects you were describing. I understand how you feel and i hope you find the right one that makes you feel better soon. Do not get offended but 18 yrs on BC isnt dangerous in some way?? you've bee on for 13 and planning another 5? Would you consider something natural or easier like diafragma or condoms?? I know is not as safe as hormones but I think it'll be better for you. Also, my cousin has been using the IUD for about 2 1/2 years and she hasnt had any problems so far, only thing is her belly got bigger, she says she works out and do abs but it wont go away. Her first period lasted a long time but after that it's been really light every month, more like spotting than a heavy period. Good luck.
  3. I too was on Ortho Novum for over a decade and experienced the same issues you describe.

    I switched to Yazmine, then all the way down to Yaz and life is much better :tup:

    Although they are still hormones, it's soooo much lighter and the effects are neglible (to me).

    Good luck :flowers:
  4. I had all the same effects being on the Pill for 5 years. I have been off it for 2 years now and wouldn't go back. They screw you up.

    My BF and I now use condoms. He doesn't mind because at least he gets some :p and my moods are more stable.

    I am totally unwilling to take anymore drugs/hormones to avoid getting pregnant and IUDs freak me out too even though my mum has used them for 30+ years without any issues!

    Its unfair how few acceptable contraceptive choices there are out there for women. Everything involves an implant of metal/copper/plastic or else stuffing up your natural hormones. :sad:
  5. I think the Ortho Novum 777 are very old school, and a little too high in hormones. There are much better pills out there. I switched out a couple of years ago, as the 777's made me sick sometime. I'm so happy with the ones I have now, I believe they are called Kariva.
  6. I've been on Orthocyclin for about 12 years, and am experiencing the same things--very low libodo and crazy cramps. I'm planning to talk to my gyno when I go on the 12th. I'll keep you all posted as to what she says.
  7. I was on Loestrin until the Patch came out in 2003(?) and I started on that. I've been on birth control for 9 years and thankfully have never experienced what you have. Perhaps going on a different type of pill or a minipill will work for you? Talk to your doc and see what he/she says.
  8. I'm 24 and I've been on BC since I was 14. I've been on 5-6 different kinds over the years.

    But I've been on continious BC for the last 4 years or so and I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO REGULAR PILLS. My dr. started me on regular pill packs, until Seasonale came out on the market. And I've never been happier. I still get some of the "typical" symptoms, however they are NOWHERE near as bad as when I was on normal pills.

    And I know my reasonings might sound crazy to some, but I'm more than willing to take a few mild symptoms 4 times a year vs. every stink'n month!!!!

    I would suggest that before you try something totally different, maybe try a different kind of pill. As other suggested there are much better pills on the market now and you could always try a few different ones before you totally give up on BC pills.

    Good luck and don't get too discouraged.
  9. Thanks Ladies for all of your suggestions. I've made an apt to speak with my doctor and I hope to get this sorted out soon!! I didn't realize Ortho 777 was so old school! I guess a lot has changed since I was 16! LOL

    Alexis 77 - I'll be curious to hear what your Dr recommends.

    Thanks again to all with your tips/names of alternate pill options. If I can't find a no-hormone option that is both safe and effective, I think something lower hormone will definitely be a plus.
  10. Is Seasonale a shot or how does it work? You mentioned you only have symptoms once every four months - is it designed to only give a period once per quarter?
  11. Sorry I wasn't more clear :p. Yep, Seasonale is a pill that makes you only have 4 periods a year. You take 3 months of pills and then have a period. It is amazing!!!

    However it is a pill that many people are either for or against.

    Let me also mention that continous BC practices can be done with regular pills. This is what I did for over a year, while Seasonale was getting its FDA approval. So if Seasonale is perhaps too strong or not right for you, you can do continous 3 month/4 periods a year cycles with ANY Birth Control pill. You and your dr. would simply need to find the right pill that works for your body.

    My dr. fully explained it to me and I thought about it and it works great for me. The biggest issue I had when I started continous BC (which is what Seasonale is considered) I had some spotting off and on (very rare) for about the 1st year. But I haven't had any spotting in over 3+years.
  12. ^ Thanks for the explanation :smile: I hardly ever have a period as it is (about once every 3 months), so I'm guessing I wouldn't need to rely on Seasonal for that. But I have an apt this Friday to speak with my doctor. I can hardly wait actually - I feel really eager to get off my current pill and move on to something else. I'm guessing it will be another pill, but hopefully one that is very low hormone.
  13. over the years i was on different pills. my dr. put me on one and i got cystic acne, and i was never prone to acne of any kind. and, it really, really hurt! i kept telling her about the symptom and she said, that pill doesn't cause acne. well, it did in me. as soon as she switched the pill i never had another cyst again. talk to your dr- and if need be, INSIST on change! i saw on tv an ad for an insert- don't know alot about it, but when i'm done having kids, i will talk to my dr. about it. good luck!!!
  14. I've been on all kinds of different pills. But I haven't been on the 777s since the late 80s. Those are really old-school and high in hormones. Your doctor should be able to prescribe low-dosage pills that should make you feel better. But also keep in mind that your body has changed in the last 10 years, and it might be natural hormonal changes.

    My ob/gyn just put me on yet another lower dosage pill this year. She said the pills are so low in hormones that you can take them all the way up to menopause now. Woo hoo!
  15. I've been on birth control 6 years and have had to switch pills once because my body seemed to get used to the old one.. I've had no such problems yet, thankfully.. infact i have a pretty high sex drive.. but i assume switching pills may do the trick for you :smile: Perhaps a different dosage level?