Need Advice From fellow Ebay Sellers!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I recently sold a Balenciaga 2005 Turquoise City on ebay. The bag is 100% authentic, I bought it from a fellow purse forum member but bought too many bags at once and had to sell it. I posted tons of pictures on the auction and clearly showed darkening of the handles and scuffs on the corners.

    Well, the buyer just received it and is not happy with the bag even though she saw tons of pictures in my auction plus additional pictures I emailed her. Now she wants to return it!I have never had this issue on ebay, I am an honest seller and I have 100% positive feedback.

    Can someone please give me some advice as to what to do? I dont want to accept the return, I need the money and dont know how long it will take me to sell it! I also dont want to receive negative feedback. I showed her tons of pictures, I dont feel it is my fault she is now dissapointed with the condition.

    Help! :sad:
  2. i think if you state in your auction that you don't offer refunds, and you refuse to give her one there isn't much she can do.......she can probably file a claim with paypal stating that the item was not as represented but if you have photos in your auction and the e-mail to document that you provided her with all the specifics, you shoudl be okay.......but i don't know about the negative feedback aspect, which sucks :sad2:.....i'm sorry you're going through this....
  3. Did this buyer just list the turquoise city on eBay? I just saw one listed that looks like the one you sold. It's in my watch list, I should have bought it from you when I had the chance :shame:

    I agree with jc - She bought the bag based on the information and pictures you have in your auction. She can try and file a claim, saying that the item was not as represented, but you have your auction, photos, and emails, etc., to back everything up.
  4. No she hasnt listed it, she just got it today and that seller is not her.

    I made one mistake....this time I actually forgot to state in the auction that I do not accept returns:sad: I do this every time and forgot to this time!!! However when you are filling out all the little boxes as your creating your auction, I did check off the box that states I do not accept returns, I hope that covers me.
  5. Hi SpecialK, maybe now I can help you out.;) First off, don't let the fear of getting a negative feedback make you take the bag back. I saw your listing. You were honest, showed lots of pics including ones of the handles & scuffs. Said it had been used & answered everyone's questions. She KNEW what she was buying, but unfortunately with Ebay, you can't read someone else's mind. Her idea of what the bag was going to look like could have been different than what it actually was. It's up to the buyer to ask enough questions to be satisfied. I've bought several things that I am less than thrilled with. I turn around & re-list them with an honest description. Sometimes I get my money back & sometimes I don't. That's the Ebay game. If she does not like the bag, I would say to her "I'm sorry you were disappointed in the bag but I'm not a store. I can't give refunds. I would urge you to resell the bag if you are not happy. I would have gladly given you more pics or description if you had asked me". Be "concerned" that she is not happy but don't let her bully you. I'd be willing to take a negative feedback if I was right & it was the principle of the thing. PS. She can file a claim with Ebay &/or Paypal but she doesn't have a leg to stand on. I believe they will only act in the matter of a fake bag or EXTREME misrepesentation which isn't the case here. So don't worry about that. Good luck!~:biggrin:
  6. My concern would be that she'd try to return a FAKE bag to you. Take the neg and tell her if she does not like it, she will have no problem re-selling it, (maybe even at a profit) on eBay. Buyer's remorse is no excuse.
  7. You can also put that short response to her (potential) negative feedback. I know that doesn't fully take away the impact of a neg...but it does help to hear that a buyer was unreasonable in criticizing you.
  8. OMG!!!She did relist it. I didnt see that listing, I thought you were talking about another Turquoise I saw!
  9. ^ well, I think your problem is solved then! LOL!

    Did you see my post to your other thread?
  10. Yup! I responded :amuse:
  11. Maybe she was trying to scam you- steal your money and get the 2nd buyer's money too.
  12. I agree with mlertpac. I've seen this seller before and she has sold other authentic bags. You shouldn't assume things when you really don't know because it can affect a seller's reputation.
  13. Hi SpecialK ~ sorry you have to go through this. I had the same situation a month ago regarding a Dennis Basso coat I sold on ebay. I purchased the coat last October 2005 for $7200. The coat is absolutely stunning but I decided that I do not want to wear any kind of fur anymore so I decided to sell it. I listed it for $899 for BIN. This woman on ebay keeps emailing me, almost begging me to lower the BIN price to $700 so she could purchase it for her daughter's bday. I was hesitant at first but after receiving her 5th email, I agreed to it, thinking I was being nice.

    WELL, she had a case of buyer's remorse and wanted to return the coat under the claim that it was not as described. In my auction, I described it as being used but in good condition, which it was.

    Anyway long story short, paypal (again!) got involved and they ruled in favor of her. But right now she has both the coat and my money so I don't know what to do other than to constantly harrass paypal until they get my coat back to me.

    So just be careful because I stated I do not accept returns BUT paypal completely ignored it. Seller's really lose out in the end. :sad2:
  14. Oh Sweetsparkle, you are so right. It is really a pain to be a seller. I was just contemplating listing a couple of things but you made me remember how awful the process can be. And even when it goes well, Ebay and Paypal take their cuts and sometimes you wonder if it is really worth it.

    Long ago before I worked up the courage to list myself I took some things to an eBay agent. Their cut is about 40% but you just leave the stuff and they send a check. I'm at the point now where I have been going back to them to sell more stuff even though I could do it myself.