Need advice from fellow Chanel lovers

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  1. What do you true Chanel lovers think of the Chloe paddington?
    All of the sudden I have had a deep yearning for a Chloe Paddington...I have always loved the leather but thought that they were too heavy. I was also worried about staying power. Chanel and LV are classics. What do you think? Should I add one (or two) to my collection??:girlsigh:
    Also do you think age makes a difference? I've been 30 over 10 years in a row (hint);)
  2. I LOVE the leather - had a dark red one - but I sent it back b/c it was WAY too heavy and hard to get into. I had the large one that padlocked in the center w/ 2 zippers on top joined by the lock - it was way too hard to get in and out of it and they bag weighed a TON - I love the leather and the look, but not the bag..

    GOOD IDEA, poorly executed - IMO

    the bag isn't for me - as a mom I carry so much around - I didn't need the bag to start out weighing 20 pounds and end up weighing 40 after I put all of my stuff in it

    this is just my opinion - HTH

    also - all of the mothers in my area carry them - so I don't think age is an issue
  3. I'm 46 and adore my Paddingtons! Yes, plueral - I have four!! The traditional satchel is the best style that I feel is more classic and timeless. I'm not fond of the newer pocket and tote style Paddington bags at all. Those will probably look dated years down the road.

    The leather is TDF; it doesn't scratch, and there is a color for everyone. I personally don't find the bag too heavy at all, unless you cram a ton of stuff into it or have really weak arms (Most women I know lack arm/upper body strength.). I like that I can use it as a shoulder bag if I need a hands-free option.

    Flipping the lock back and forth is not much different than flipping a flap bag back and forth. I keep the zippers completely undone and the weight of the lock keep it closed.
  4. I love that bag but as I said in another thread I dont think the really worth their money in comparison to Chanel especially if you want that bag to last! If I was you and hence had the money I would by Chanel(s)!
  5. I had a cream paddington and it was beautiful but NOT the bag for me.

    It was too uncomfortable to carry. I've carried heavy bags before but the weight distribtion on it just felt odd.

    I ended up selling it and buying a LV bag :lol:
  6. I just sold my cream paddy as well.

    Great bag but also ultimately not for me

    I love the A/W colours so may end up getting another one. That's really my dilemma, love the colours not as keen on the bag itself.
  7. I have an old tan paddy. I love it. It fits on my shoulder, smooches to my body. I leave the zippers undone and the lock flipped over to keep it closed. You can get in and out without opening it, by going in each unzipped side. Plus it has the outside pockets that are very deep.
    That said, I think I love my various chanel bags more. I only have one paddy and 4 chanels.
  8. I would always go with CHANEL.
  9. At one time I had four Paddingtons. I sold a dark blue, dark red, and the original tan. I kept the original dark brown one because it is so pretty. I hardly ever use it. They are heavy bags, and for me, they are hard to get into.

    I just couldn't get rid of the dark brown one, though.

    Also, there is absolutely nothing like CHANEL!
  10. I love paddys and I love Chanel. I think you should go somewhere and check them out and see if they are for you. I learned after having a couple regular paddies that i prefer my shoulder one. It's easier to carry.
  11. Definately not for me- way to heavy. Good advice from elongreach- try them on, that's the only way to know for sure.
  12. I prefer the Silverado personally, but LOVE the Paddy's. . . they're just not for me.
  13. I think the paddy is too heavy to lug around with kids and chanel is the ultimate in my opinion.
  14. I have over 15 chanel bags and I also bought the Paddington THE Vegas Edition ( Diamonte padlock and key in silver) - I loved it when I bought it but so many fakes around that it really put me off the bag. I soon bought the silverado Which I adore such a great bag to carry - Paddington def to heavy for everyday use.
  15. I too had the bag. I bought it only because I had never owned one b-4 and I thought it would grow on me..I got a lovely dark chocolate brown, but it was so heavy and I just could not get into that bag, so I ended up taking it back to Nordstroms 2 months later (great return policy huh?)It was meant to be! I'm glad its gone and out of my life.
    I love Chanel always!