Need advice from Fairy bag owners!


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May 26, 2008
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Just wondering if any of you find the rectangular fairy bag (14" x 10" x 6") too big / unstructured and hence regret the purchase?

I LOVE the fairy bag design in general but am struggling with the choice of size...I know I would love the small bowler but it is such a rare find even on eBay and the price is high. The rectangular one seems to be much more easily available at lower offer price...not to mention the range of colours available. But I'm just worried I would end up with a huge bag...and I'm not a fan of oversized bags in general. I'm rather petite too at 5 ft 2" :shrugs:

Please help...any advice would be appreciated!!!


Jul 27, 2008
yikkie, i am 5'2" also, and i LOVE my prada fairy bag, i think the size is PERFECT. not too big, not too small. i tend to like big bags in general though, but i don't think this is bulky. it sits perfectly on your shoulders, can fit books and everything, but is so lightweight that you don't feel all the extra weight... plus, like you said, they come in different colors, and i think the fairy design is more visible with the rectangular bag, hence making it more lovely...

just my preference though... if you are really not a big fan of large bags, then wait for the smaller bowler... check ebay religiously...

good luck!!!