Need advice from diamond experts!!!

  1. Hi there, I have a delemer and would love some truthful opinions as I feel stuck on a decision. For starters my dh is in the jewellery business and even he is hopeless in helping me choose.

    I have the chance to buy quite a large diamond ring which has some great things about it and some not so good things....thats my problem, I am not sure.

    Here are the details....the ring consists of a centre oval flanked by 2 pears. The size is great, 3.4 centre stone, .6 * 2 side stones. 4.6 carats total. For me this is a `head light` to copy a phrase!!!!
    The cut is also amazing as the fire in all 3 stones is dazzling and far surpasses anything I have seen before.The stones have so much fire that they seem alive!!!!

    But, and this is the problem (or not?) the centre stone appears to be an I or even a J meaning it is slightly tinted, especially as the side stones are an E color. The centre stone is not yellow as to be a fancy color, it is just in the `not white` category. The whole ring is set in yellow gold including the part under the diamond (which is normally white). I was thinking that by replacing the setting with white gold it might tone down the center stone?

    So what do you think....oval, huge, 100% fire and brilliance, very pretty setting v. tint in centre stone???

    Btw, the ring is breathtaking irl, but the tint is there and I wonder if you would accept it or hate it?
  2. Is it visibly tinted or just when you view it from the sides? Replacing the head for the center stone in white gold might mask the tint, but it might make it more noticeable too. I hear it's 50/50.
    I guess you have to decide how much the color bothers you. I think that if it was a solitaire, it would not be as noticeable, especially since the side stones are E. Could you purchase the ring and then break it up into 2 rings or a honking solitaire and a pair of earrings?
  3. Thanks for your advice.

    I think the oval looks a bit like an egg without the side stones!!! Together they look very `royal`....if thats the look I even want!!!

    The fire and brilliance are such that I have never seen before. The tint is obvious, but also gets lost in all the movement of the fire going on. As a ring goes its very beautiful. But, knowing that white is what we aim for (except for in fancy colors which this is not) I am wondering if people will hone in and see the ring as flawed?

    My choices would be to buy something much smaller maybe under 3 and go from there. Its just that you can get hooked on size sometimes when you arent expecting to. I also never invisioned an oval centre stone, and have never seen one before on anyone!!! So Im not sure how my ring weighs up in the scheme of things????

    Im still open for opinions on the oval as a shape or wearing a barely tinted diamond.
    TIA, Sharon
  4. when you switch the setting metal, could you maybe trade out the sidestones for something closer in color to the center stone? or maybe even colored side stones? (yellow sapphires for example)there's such a large contrast between the current stones i'm sure that is making it look more tinted than it would look with sidestones of similar color.

    from the description, i would buy it in a second. then again, Js don't bother me as long as the cut is great and the sidestones match. color is such a personal just have to decide how much it bothers you. i think once the contrast is fixed though, no one is going to notice the tint. all they'll see is all that sparkle.
  5. Where I come from, people seem to place a premium on colour and clarity over size. That's why we rarely see big rocks but most professionals will have a e-ring with good clarity and colour albeit in sizes 0.7 carats and below.

    If the tint bothers you, perhaps you could hold back on the purchase. But is the tint really visible to most people? Most people would be impressed by the sparkle and the size. I can't imagine someone would be rude enough to scrutinize your ring and comment on some barely visible tint.

    Perhaps you would like to consider the trade-in value of the ring. If you ever upgrade someday, would the tint be the factor that makes you trade it in? Would it affect the price? Maybe your husband can advise you on this.
  6. On the colour of the stone I would go with your initial instinct and hold out for something that is in the near colourless or colourless range. I think you will be happier in the long run. Speaking personally, I once chose a diamond ring b/c the cut of the stone and the setting were amazing but I went against my initial feeling that I didn't like the colour (it was an I/J). I later regretted it when I could see the tint of yellow in it.
  7. for me personally. . . the slight tint would bother me.
    My friend has an AMAZING 2.5 carat marquis and it's the first thing I notice when I see her waving her hands. . . a slight yellowish tint. . I can't help it, color is important to me.
    I even vetoed some amazing earring that were 2 cttw and an I color, I could see a faint tint and it bothered me :sad:
  8. Thanks, I am going to go to some diamond jewellers today and do some more research. My dh actually suggested what you have said re the side stones. I am also going to compare what else is around for this sort of money. Meanwhile i am wearing it for a few days to try it out.
    Btw, my dh mainly sells opals and pearls here in Australia, so although he can get diamonds, its not what he does as his main business!

    I have to laugh because the last ring my dh got for me to see was an emerald cut, very white, beautiful quality stone about 4 carats. It was so clear and special, but in the end I couldnt keep it because it had no fire at all.
    Some og my friends told me they thought it was a glass ring because it was so `not diamondish` due to no fire!
  9. Thanks for taking the time to try to help me. I agree about the premium thing....but Im probably trying to have my cake and eat it too! I think my ring would be double or more if it were facing up white! And I know bigger is not always better......but its so easy to fall in love with.
    Mind you, I see yellow each time, and possibly that would annoy me over time.
    That being said, the tint in itself is very pretty, its only that I know it is a lesser standard that bothers me.
    I try to think if its something my daughter would want some day as a memory of me, and Im not sure!!!!

    But, the stting and the very white side diamonds definately make it worse due to the contrast....I think!!!
  10. Thanks, Im really going to take that into account when I finally make the decision.

    The whole thing started when I said to my dh that I dont mind a yellow diamond (after seeing so many on this site) and he said, well I can show you one where they have set it to make the centre one look even more yellow than it is. So curiousity took over and I got the one I am wearing now.....but I havent made the decision yet.
  11. Yes, I would be like that too if I were analysing a ring on someone else.

    The thing with this one is that the fire and brillience is sort of hooking me in. Its sort of like a light I wonder if that would over ride the tint issue. And I have seen many diamonds in my life, but not like this in terms of bling in your face sparkle.

    I will try to put a photo up, as it might make a difference.

    I also have a well graded white diamond much better quality,and color, round and 1.4 carats, but it is `dead` compared to the tinted one!!!!
  12. I'd LOVE to see it!!
  13. me too! even if you don't buy it, it's still eye candy! :drool:
  14. I think the colour thing would get to you eventually. The last ring dh and I choose (for our 10yr together anniversary) - he picked the ring (setting style - edwardian) and there was a big big rock in it, but it was not a white stone. I finished up keeping the ring but put a smaller E quality stone in it, and it is just stunning.
    Like Corsetted, here people tend to go for smaller gems but absolutely white diamond. Best of luck with your decision - can't wait to see the pics!
  15. sounds like you really like the stone and fire it has. I would def look at getting the setting redone with stones that are more like your center. I or J are not horrible colors for stones but to have it next to an e color is a mistake. I have always thought that you have to do justice to you center stone. Another words find the stone you want and then find setting and/or side stones that make your ring look great. The bulk of your money is spent on the center stone so you need to make sure the setting and side stones flatter it. I think side stones in the same color range of the your center will make your ring pop and then you will love it completely