Need advice from CL experts here...

  1. I bought CL Pigalle Finzi (with lace like looking insert in the front) on sale. I am 7.5 in most shoes and bought 37.5. I tried 38 and I had a somewhat visible gap in the back and that's my pet peeve b/c I am afraid to slip out when walking (happened to me before). So the 37.5 feels kinda tight in the toe box, that is, my toes are hitting the sides of the shoe but the strange thing is that, they don't hurt at all like a shoe that's too small would. In fact, they are really comfy, yet I can definitely feel my toes snug against the shoe wall. I like this particular style and that they are not plain jane style. So my question is to the CL experts, will these shoes be actually ok to wear or will they hurt eventually? I have been walking on the carpet around the house and can't make up my mind. I also tried CL booties and the only size I could fit in was 38.5 and they actually appeared smaller than Pigalles! I can't seem to figure out these weird size variations in french shoes...Any input would be appreciated!
  2. I have one pair of Pigalles and they happen to be a half size smaller than my other CLs. It happened to be the only size left in the store and when I tried them on they felt okay. However, I have not worn them outside of the house yet so I cannot comment on how comfortable or uncomfortable they will be. My feet tend to be more medium-wide so my toes are pretty snug against the shoe wall in most of my CLs.
  3. Ok, I walked around the house for two hours now and they are so comfy, like high heel slippers. I tried some of my other shoes and they aren't as comfy in comparison yet I don't hit the shoe wall with my toes in any of my other pumps... I don't know what to do :sad: Should I take the risk and keep them? I am not prone to taking risks with $300 shoes. If they were $50, maybe.
  4. It sounds like they would be safe to keep, however, they can end up feeling tighter with swollen feet or they can stretch with increased wear and give you more room. :shrugs: If this was moved to the CL subforum you might get more help there.
  5. Yeah, I am afraid if my feet to get swollen, that might be a problem... They seem to stretch pretty well so far though. I think I just might wear them just a little each day at home and see how it goes...
  6. My philosophy when buying shoes is that the shoe should feel snug on my foot, but certainly not tight and never painful because if they hurt when I just slip them on, they are only going to get worse with wear.
    It sounds like these shoes actually fit you well, I have found pigalles to run true to size. I am sure that once you wear them, they will stretch and fit you perfectly.
    Regarding the sizing issues, CL shoes are just horrible with sizing consistency. However, I have noticed that with recent season shoes, the sizes are becoming more true to size. My latest purchase, the declic was true to size and a few others that I have tried have also been tts. I guess the company heard about all the complaints about the significant sizing differences in different styles.
  7. I have the same shoes. I LOVE THEM!!
    Very comfy! At first they do seem tight at the toe box, but eventually form to your foot, but not hurting or blistering it at all. I probably could have went a half size down from my normal CL size(39), but then they probably would have hurt at first.
    They really are a comfy shoe. Are all the Pigalle like that?