Need advice from cat lovers... sad times

  1. As a lot of you know, I've been planning to move to Chicago. I'll probably live in a studio apartment.

    I have a cat that's a little less than a year old and he's really my best friend and the best little cat in the whole world. He was just a little stray I picked up, I didn't plan on having a cat. I don't know if he could be happy in a studio apartment in Chicago... Is it best to leave him with my parents? My folks have a big house and lots of land for him to play around in, but they won't ever pay attention to him beyond feeding him. He's a really friendly, affectionate cat, and he and I have a really, abnormally close bond (like dog/owner rather than cat/owner).

    Should I take him with me to Chicago or leave him with my folks?

    Wow, I feel miserable. Thanks for any opinions.
  2. i think you should take him with matter how unhappy he might be in a chicago studio apartment, i feel like he'll be a lot unhappier being without you......pets can deal with a change in surroundings but you say you guys have a really strong bond and i feel like your cat will pine for you and miss you and just be unhappy if you leave him with your parents :sad2:
  3. I think you should bring him along. He'll adjust eventually. Around here, cats are known for being the companions of apartment-dwellers. I think he'll be fine. Maybe buy him one of those overpriced kitty towers?:smile:
  4. I'd say take him too.
  5. Take him with you! Cats really dont like to be left alone all day (unlike dogs) so maybe you could get him another cat to play with ?
  6. IntlSet I have a kitty too I know what you mean...I want to move too and I say you should take him. Since he is your best best friend. I will take mine BB if I am going to move because just to me I feel like his is very close to me and I want to spend as much time with him as possible. Also when you are out there you will have a small company...
  7. I also think that you should take him with you. The two of you have bonded and cats are really good at being inside dwellers. They don't really need open spaces that many dogs need. My cat is strictly an indoor cat and perfectly happy which is what I wanted him to be. In fact, he's scared to death of the outdoors! He loves to go from room to room and look out of the windows all day but that's about as close to the outside as he cares to get!

    I am sure that your cat will be much happier with you in a cozy studio apartment than in a larger home but with no one to play with. He'll miss you! Take him.
  8. I agree with everyone. Take him with you. Both of you will be so much happier!
  9. Definately take him. I had to leave my cat with my parents, but only because I live in a high traffic area now and I knew that if I brought him he would be run over by a car. But since safety isn't an issue at your new place, I think you should take him with you.
  10. Take him with! Cats seem to adapt pretty easily and he'll probably be happiest with you...and you with him!
  11. Take him with you, he'll be fine. Most apartments will accept cats, but not many will take dogs.
  12. Oh, take him! You'll be so lonely without him in a new city. And he'll acclimate to apartment life no problem. Cats are pretty flexible about their living environments - some even seem to prefer smaller spaces. Good luck with all of your moving preparations!
  13. I'm a huge cat lover! I say take him with you because he will miss you otherwise. And if he becomes unhappy you can always move him back to your parent's house right? At least try it out. He should be ok, get him some nice toys to make up for it. gl!:biggrin:
  14. me too - i say take him with you! :smile:
  15. No question, take the kitty. Just be sure the little one has a hiding spot, like a box or bed in the closet - cats like to have little safe secret spots. Cats are so adaptable and really don't need a lot of room.