Need advice: found HG metallic lily

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  1. I've been stalking a metallic lily for-ever...there is one on the bay, just not sure if its worth the price? I baby my bags...not sure how well the metallic lily's hold up? $500+ is an investment---please help:smile:
  2. Lilys are coveted bags in the Coach world...if you trust that the bag is in good condition, feel that the bag is worth the asking price, and you can afford it (I wouldn't skip the mortgage payment to buy a bag, KWIM?), then I say GO FOR IT! You just don't know when another one will pop up. I LOVE the Lily, but I just don't think the straps are long enough for me...I'm a shoulder bag kinda girl.

    You might want to ask the seller if it's her own bag and/or where she got it from, depending on the answer. I looked at the photos, looks pretty good. I don't like the curling of the front straps, but it seems to me on all the metallic Lilys I see, most of them do that.
  3. If it were NWTs I would say go for it...but I think the metallic leather wears so weirdly that it is a gamble. But, what the heck...$500 isn't bad if you really want it!!
  4. IMO starting @ $525 for a used metallic lily is a tad steep. If it is your gotta have it bag that will take you over the moon and the money will not break you, then by all means, go for it.
  5. I read not too long ago someone bought a Met Lily a few weeks ago and it was in pretty bad shape... I just wander if it's the same one here.

    As for the price, that's a GREAT price, these can usually fetch a pretty penny. And it's a beautiful bag!
  6. That is not a good price for a bag that is so wanted... I would get a tones of picture from the seller and check if you do not like you can return, nad make sure it is authentic.

    Metallic's are delicate and but if that is the one you want the Lily is worth it..