Need advice for tiny feet...

  1. Okay girls, I am having a major shoe crisis right now. I'm entering back into the job market after some health-related stuff forced me to quit my old job. My old job was pretty lax about dress code so I could wear my (kids) Uggs, or flipflops, or sneakers. I usually just wear flats.

    The problem is that it's really, really, really, impossible to find shoes that fit me. Because -- and I swear this is true -- at age 22, I wear a size 2 shoe. Which some people find great because "hey, you can buy kids shoes for cheaper!". The problem is that none of them are really approriate for a 22year old trying to get a higher-end job in an office somewhere.

    When I was in NYC, I found a super-cute pair of flats by Marc Jacobs -- apparently they make shoes for kids. Are there any other designers at all that make smaller-sized shoes? (I figure kids are getting more sophisticated nowadays, hahaha!) Even if I end up with 100 pairs of different colored flats, I'd be a happy camper!

    I have a wide foot and a really low arch, so I can't wear any sort of high heel. It suks so much. :sad:
  2. Fabulous! Oh wow, this will almost be as fun as going shoe shopping at the mall...
  3. I feel your pain. I wear a Women's 4/kids 2. Are you a womens 2 or a kids 2? If you are a kids 2, then you could wear women's 4 and Nordstrom has a huge selection. As far as kids shoes, Juicy Couture makes some cute ones as do Marc Jacobs. J. Crew actually makes a lot of lovely flats in kids sizes that are similar to their adult size flats. If you are in New York, there is an upscale kids shoe store called Little Eric that has a great selection of kids shoes, many made exclusively for them by European designers.
  4. I can't believe I just forgot about Juicy and J.Crew.
    J.Crew's kid's line is positively adorable.
  5. I'm a kids 2. Really, my actual foot length is a 13 or a 1, but because I have such a wide foot, I usually have to go up a size to a 2 or even a 3, which means my toes don't actually reach the front of the shoe, which is a hassle! I recently managed to find a pair of gold flats by Steve Madden Kids that are wide enough for me to stay a 1, which was great!

    Sadly I'm not in NY; I'm in Canada. I was there only on vacation. But I'm going to be in LA next April, so I might try some shoe shopping there as well.