Need advice for the BEST color for a Kelly?and in what leather?

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  1. I would like to get myself a Kelly bag size 35cm retourne,can anyone please advice me on what is the best color and in what leather?Thanks...
  2. We are all different, we have different lifestyles and tastes, so each of us will have a different view on the 'BEST' color.

    You should get a color that you like and will go with your wardrobe and lifestyle ... perhaps telling us a bit more about yourself will help get some response from the members :smile:

    Welcome to the forum !
  3. Thanks Ice Earl...Yes,its better for me to describe my favourite color..I'm more to red color.And I want it for casual bag..And lots of my wardrobe is muted color so I want Kelly more to the Red color...Thanks Ice Earl...
  4. You might prefer a Retourner (vs a Sellier) in a soft clemence.
    A bit more casual...a very fun bag.
  5. gosh.... my exact same dilemma.. been on the H forum for the past week..Im on the gold kelly team.. well that's just me..I think this would suit most outfits ..its on as light as the etoupe w/ch means perfect for regular use..Im limiting my self to buying bags are all weeping and I have to condition my self rotating heart beats for a kelly real bad