Need advice for short vacation

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  1. I am going away tomorrow for a couple of days and wondering what handbag to carry with me. I will be at the airport but don't need all that much stuff. I sort of want to bring my speedy 25 because I think I can fit all I need - I will have another carry on bag with all my stuff in it. Have any of you ever traveled with your speedy's - or should I opt for a shoulder bag? I like the speedy 25 because I wouldn't have to bring a nice bag for night time - I could just use it the whole time. Thoughts?
  2. Which shoulder bags do you own?
  3. I use my Speedy 30 as a carry on and LOVE it. It fits neatly under my chair or on my lap and can carry all that I need while still looking stylish. I definitely think you would be able to use it your whole trip. Go for it!
  4. I'd opt for a shoulder bag personally, more hands free when traveling the better, I think.

    Oh and also think if you have to put it under your seat, which bag you dont mind doing that to, or which bag you dont mind getting squished a bit if you have to put it in overhead.
  5. I don't have any big shoulder bags. My speedy is the only bag I own that I LOVE and I wouldn't have to take another handbag. It's just the "hands free" thing I am worried about. But then again I am traveling alone (no kids) so who really cares right?

  6. I wore my Speedy 30 on my Florida trip and never got tired of it being on my arm. It was almost more of a comfort to have it in plain sight and on my arm.
  7. I've seen quite a few people on planes with Speedys, you should be fine!
  8. Your speedy will be just fine!
  9. I would do a shoulder bag. Love the hands free feeling. Cos i assume your speedy wont be the only thing you carry right?
  10. I like to be "hands free" with or without kids when I travel. It's just easier and more comfortable for me.
  11. During my Vegas trip I used my Mono 35 as carry-on item ... really conveniant for me

    We had a 2 day stay at the Grand Canyon and everything I needed for that had fit into that bag (my "real" suitcase stayed at the LV hotel)
  12. When traveling, I would opt for a shoulder bag-but, if you don't have any that you love-take what you love!

  13. I think you just convinced me. ;)
  14. I think the speedy will be fine

  15. I will be carrying a carry-on bag (small) from LL Bean - it has a big comfy shoulder strap so it won't be much of an effort.