Need advice for my next LV


Which one is my next LV bag?

  1. Epi Alma in Mystille

  2. Damier Alma

  3. Damier Illovo MM

  4. others(pls suggest)

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  1. I've bought a MC wapity few month ago, but have returned it becoz of those mono faded off after 2x days used. The HK LV shop didn't refund to me, they only gave me back a cash voucher, so I have to purchase from them within 1 year. My target was a mirror bag, but seems that is not my cup of tea anymore. I want something long last :P ...

    I've few options, pls let me know what do you think?!

    epi Alma in Myrtille colour

    damier Alma

    damier Illovo MM

    I have few LV bags, most of them are MONO, included 2 speedies(1 MONO 35, 1 Graffti 30), 1 epi Dhanura MM in Mocha, 1 Mono Vernis Reade MM in red, 1 MONO Abbesses Messenger Bag & 1 MONO pochette accessories. I love hand carried bag but seems to be I need a shoulder bag as well. Dear all, pls kindly advice. Thx!
  2. Since you have mainly monograms and mentioned shoulder bag, I'll vote for Damier Illovo MM;)
  3. I love damier Illovo MM :love:
    And I'll get one soon :yahoo:
  4. i vote for damier illovo MM :shame:
  5. I love the Illovo! It is so elegant.
  6. I vote for the damier Illovo MM too .. what about saleya pm or mm??
  7. Illovo as well from here ! :yes:
  8. The Epi Alma is hot!!
  9. I agree. That bag is lovely.
  10. Illovo looks very elegant and feminine! :love:
  11. I love the damier alma! A beautiful bag!
  12. I say Illovo too! It's Damier and a shoulder bag, and both of those things are something that you need in your collection!
  13. Epi Alma is SO HOT!!!:graucho:
  14. Epi Alma. :smile:

    A close second choice would be the Damier Alma.
  15. Damier Alma