Need advice for Good LSAT prep courses

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  1. I'm preparing to take the LSAT on Dec 1. I'm studying at home with the Princeton Review Drill Book, practice tests from the LSAT Association, and I have the "Highscore Logic and Reasoning Bible" on the way, but I'm also interested in taking a prep course.

    I've determined that my strengths are Reading Comp/Comparison, Logic Games, and then Logic Reasoning (but that has been improving over the last week). The writing section is a strong point for me. With that in mind, does anyone have recommendations for good courses? I don't have a lot of time, so I want to use it wisely.

    The Princeton Review has an online course (which include real time sessions with an instructor) that I could complete before my exam, and HighScore offers a weekend course that would work too. Has anyone heard good things about one or the other or other courses that are good?

  2. I took Princeton Review course but I think the best thing to do is to buy a LSAT time watch (I ordered this watch online maybe from LSAC website) and buy as many past/sample exam books as you can find and do as many tests as you can before real test. When you take sample exam, set the watch, record test results for each past exams to see if you make any progress. By doing this, you get familiar with the type of questions and train yourself how to find answer within the time constraint. Logical Reasoning questions are very tricky. I can't find any better way than practicing as many questions as possible. Good luck.
  3. I took Kaplan. Meh.
    It was good in that it was a structure around which I could build my study schedule. I studied more regulary than I would have without Kaplan. But my score didn't really improve much so.... who knows if it was worth the money.
  4. I took Kaplan when I wrote in June. I didn't give myself enough time to study--optimally, you are supposed to take the Prep course and then have a few weeks to really really practice and perfect what you learn. Still, my score improved 7 points so I would recommend it for the same reasons la miss did. If you are planning on doing self-study and are located in the US, I would recommend you get the powerscore books. They are supposed to be really good, but weren't available in Canada when I was studying. Also, another thing, make sure the questions you are doing are actual LSAT questions, since I know a lot of prepbooks tend to make up their own. I used a Princeton, Arco, and McGraw Hill one that just made up its own test and it was nothing like the LSAT.
  5. Kaplan classes are pretty good. My score jumped up like 15 points. but you also have to practice between classes. I took it in the spring to get ready for the June exam.
  6. I took Princeton Review, (i wouldn't recommend taking the course) I had a horrible teacher, but the books are really good.

    Or go with Powerscore...I really liked their stuff. Simplified and to the point. I can give you the name of the distrbutor I bought my stuff from for cheaper...
  7. I never took a course. I took a couple of free practice tests to get a feel for how I was doing with timing. I also bought some Kaplan/Power Score books which I reviewed 2 hours a day for 2 months prior to taking the LSAT. I scored 174 on the LSAT, which was the first time I took the actual test.
  8. What about Testmasters? I took Kaplan and it was pretty good but could have been better...
  9. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I've decided on the Powerscore class. It starts next week and in the meantime I've been working with their written materials (the logic bible, etc.) I'm stunned at how I'm easily able to identify parts of the args now as well as analyze the structure. I like how straight forward their text is while also being detailed and nuanced.

    I'll have to let you know how it goes! I probably wont be on PF much between now and Dec 1 b/c I'm using all my spare time to prepare!!
  10. Hey-

    I just took the LSAT in September and I'll be getting my score on Monday!

    Anyhow, a lot of the time the prep courses can't help you score really high because they drag you down with trying to categorize questions and they don't always let you live up to your full potential of finishing the test.

    There's a guy who got a 176 and he wrote a book that's an answer guide to two of the real tests released by LSAC where he shows you how he thinks through the test. He also gives tips about discrimination in the test and how to understand the logic used in the logical sections.

    It's a really good deal because it's only $20 and it doesn't just give you gimmicks to memorize. It allows you to prepare on your own rather than hoping to find a reasonably priced tutor who scored a 165 (wouldn't they be going to a really good law school rather than working for Princeton Review?).

    Since he's just starting out with his book he is also offering people free help and advice on specific questions from old tests or about the test in general.

    The website is and you can e-mail him at

    Good luck on the test!!
  11. i think LSAT scores are coming out today... there's a forum site, that can help with lsat prep and law school app questions. anyway, everyone on the site says that the lsat scores come out the friday before they're officially supposed to be released, so good luck!