Need advice for first SLG!

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  1. Hi all! I have two LV bags, however I do not have an SLG from LV. I basically need something that will hold 3-5 cards, occasional cash and maybe some coins (really I just need something for cards). Bonus would be that I could put my keys in it. It's not entirely necessary, but it would be beneficial. I don't want to purchase another SLG from LV for awhile. I've always wanted something in empreinte, and I've been lusting after the empreinte cles.

    I initially purchased the zippy multicartes in poppy last week. I know it is a discontinued color from last year (that is what the SA said, so that added to the appeal. It is so gorgeous, however after a day I realized I couldn't bring myself to take it out of the dustbag in my speedy because the zipper cloth is bound to get dirty.

    My bf exchanged it for what I initially wanted - empreinte cles in noir. I was super excited, then I noticed the gold button on the front was scratched up. It wasn't a great thing to see.

    So now he is going to exchange it for the same item. I need your input! I was torn between the empreinte cles and Rosalie coin purse in fuschia (not much of a pink gal, so no RB for me). Should I stick to the cles? Should I get the Rosalie instead? Should I consider the 6 key holder? Are there other pieces you recommend? Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I LOVE my Emp Cles and highly recommend it! I use mine everyday! It can hold keys, cards, a folded check, folded cash, and coins. It's an excellent piece!
  3. HI !
    May I ask , do you use your emp. cles along with your wallet ? Or do you use your cles in place of a wallet ? I saw the cles this past weekend at LV and loved it ! However , I am so use to carry my Sarah wallet every where I go . I have a zcp when I carry my smaller bags . Just wondering if I should invest in the cles ? Thank you !
  4. The cles is sooo pretty and cute ! I think it would be a great first SLG from Louis Vuitton . :smile:
  5. how about a mini pochette?
  6. I would go with an Empriente Cles. That's what I am looking for. I just haven't found a color I like enough to buy.
  7. I carry both. My Cles keeps my keys, my license, my debit card, and a $20. It has everything I need to run out quickly in case I don't want to take my full purse. I also use it as a wallet inside my Eva and/or Pochette. I have two Sarah wallets and believe it or not, the Emp Cles can fit everything I had in my Sarah wallet! I always keep one check, multiple cards, cash, and coins in my wallet and the Emp Cles can hold all of that and more!
  8. Cles or mini pochette. A 6 key holder is my favorite slg and most used piece!
  9. +1 Both great options. The mini pochette offers more versatility, but if you are looking for something more compact, the cles is a great option.
  10. I just got the Empreinte Key Pouch in Denim and I love it!! It's a great piece to have. You can attach your keys on the ring and put cards, cash, and coupons inside (I don't put any coins in my LV SLGs). I think you should stick with the Key Pouch. Plus, the Empreinte leather smells sooooo good!
  11. Awesome, thanks so much! I'm likely going to have the bf exchange it for a cles without the scratches on the button. Do you think that's worth an exchange? The front button already has scratches. I think the cles was returned.
  12. My issue too! That's why I keep using my monogram Cles. Wow, I use the heck out of that thing! Someday I'll get an Empriente. Just waiting for my color.
  13. Yay congrats! I'm definitely thinking to stick with it. Is it normal for a new empreinte cles to have scratches on the front brass button?

  14. Thanks! Mine had some faint scratches on the ring when I first got it. I think it was a display piece. The metal is going to get scratched eventually so I wouldn't let it bother me too much. Enjoy your new Key Pouch! You're going to love it! ️