Need advice for choosing first Bbag

Apr 18, 2008
Hi ladies!
This is my first post, but I looked through the thread for days:smile:
I am thinking about purchasing a black bbag, which is going to be my first (and maybe the last...) purchase of bbag and I can't decide the style.
Since I am not that tall, about 5.3..., I gave up City:sweatdrop: and narrowed it down to First and Twiggy for everyday use.
I used to carry LV Manhattan PM, which was really nice but bit heavy for me:sad:
I know the dimension of each bag, but I am worried that I have to order online without seeing them how big, small, and heavy they are on me.:crybaby:
Can you give me some advice? Thank you for any help in advance!


balenciaga :)
Dec 21, 2007


Jun 30, 2007
Since I am not that tall, about 5.3..., I gave up City:sweatdrop: and narrowed it down to First and Twiggy for everyday use.
welcome! i'm barely 5.1 and don't think the City dwarfs me at all. in fact, i also have the Work and there're girls under 5 who can tote the Weekender well. but i'm not advising you get the big bags if it's not your usual style. and you know better yourself how big or small your everyday bag should be. i personally think the bigger the bag, the more 'casual' the image is. i only wear the Work with certain clothes. the First is great with dresses esp those that're fuller.

you should probably look in this thread if you haven't already. gives you an idea how much you can put in a first or twiggy.

the pictures threads posted by Jira are the best references to rely on when you buy your bag blind. and indeed bbags are not heavy at all.


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May 17, 2007
it looks like everyones pointing you in the right directions! I have a twiggy and I love it! I worry about a first being to small for me (I like to carry alot of stuff) but the Twiggy is perfect! It can hold a good amount (certainly all the essentials) but it doesnt look deflated or weird if you carry just a few things in it. So what ever you carry the Twiggy can handle it! Just thought I'd throw my two cents in~! Good luck with your BBag purchase!


Mar 6, 2008
i think we're about the same height.. a city will definitely not overwhelm you. good size as an everyday bag, the first is more of a 'going-out'/weekend bag. i have both the city & first & i gotta say, i :love: them equally.

which you choose will depend on which you prefer more & how much stuff you carry around. oh, and the first is quite capable of carrying quite abit of items around, so don't worry. i managed to squeeze a thin magazine (rolled up) without the bag looking too bulky.