Need advice for BIN

  1. I am selling a purse I have had for the last 7+ years. It is a Kate Spade Pia in Vachetta Shiny Black leather. I listed it last night and someone messaged me asking me to set up a BIN. Should I? What price should I set? I notice a lot of interest in the auction and don't know if I should just set a high BIN (say 150) and let the auction play out. It's tough to say what the item is worth because I don't know the market for KS or the rarity of this specific style. I don't have any previous sales of this item to go on. Help! Thanks!:shrugs::flowers:
  2. Yes its always hard to decide what to say. Maybe ask them if they can make you an offer. If it is too low you know you are wasting time but they might just surprise you
  3. If you can't find any similar bags that have recently sold ask them to make you an offer. Can you add "best offer" to your listing? If you really have no idea I would just let the auction go until the end.