need advice for a scarf with beige in it

  1. hey all!

    so i just got these new ballet flats from chanel that are beige and black. i don't own anything beige (though i did just buy a pair of khakis to wear with them) and don't know what to wear them with. i wore them to work yesterday with jeans and a black top and they looked nice- just light and bright enought to offset the outfit. i got compliments at work about them as a matter of fact.

    but i was thinking rather than buy beige clothing (beacuse truth be told i look bloody awful in beige) i would try and find a scarf that has at least a hint of beige in it to match. is that weird?

    does anyone have any suggestions on new or old scarves with beige accents that might go? i love the new belles du mexique but not sure if it's too taupey for me or if there might be something better.

  2. My Jungle Love pochette...

    seriously...let me go looking...
  3. either the black sepia or brown guepards...

    EDIT...adding more

    or the Champs De Courses in the Beige CW

    Wouldn't your ACC mousse go well with them?

    Still looking...I'm bored before heading out to VA...
  4. IMHO, instead of trying to match the beige, how 'bout a lovely orange-based Hermes scarf? Beige looks great with orange and black.

    Alternatively, a patent beige headband?

    Hope this helps. I work with color everyday and beige is such a hard neutral to match exactly. It's easier to use IT as the accent and match other colors around it.

  5. hmmm loving the idea of the beige patent headband. LOVING. i think it would go well with my haircolor.

    none of those scarves are doing it for me. love the tapis but i just sold my tapis because i am not the biggest fan of the print. i wish i was because it has the excat beige accent i need. sigh.

    keep em coming ladies!
  6. Cool idea. How does orange work for you, H?
  7. i'm pro orange.
  8. but anti orange and black execpt halloween.
  9. oh shoot. the tohu is PERFECT but wayyyy too spency. shoot. dammit.
  10. The Tohu is less than retail and it's new! That's a good combination if it's perfect. But, personally I love Sur un Tapis Volant.
  11. Maybe match the black not the beige? The shoe was created to lengthen the leg by making the beige upper match the color of the stocking - ed foot. The beige disappears. just leaving a small black toe. Chanel paired them with everything, and so can you.
  12. get the tohu...that would be perfect!!
  13. ^^^ Yes!