Need advice for A Non payment Buyer?? what do i do ? Long post sorry.

  1. hey all . I have a tiny problem this is the second time i relist my item. 1st time it had a reserve price it didnt sell so i relist it . Now i did and someone won. It states immediate payment and Paypal only. Well this was last nite. Didnt hear anything from the buyer , so i wrote them an email stating the following : "
    hello u are the winner of this auction , if u have made payment excuse this message. But if not payment has to be received within 24 hours of item sold if not i have to relist item, and Leave Neg Feed back. Again if payment was made excuse me . sorry if sounds harsh have had problems before with non buyers. Thank u and have a great day also if there is a problem please let me know and we will try to work it out. " - thats what i wrote im human and i know stuff happens . but than i got this reply from her
    " Hello, can you tell me where in your auction that stated that you want your payment within 24 hours? please lmk cus i don't see it anywhere and i read the ebays' rules that it must be listed in your auction.
    Well i was like u know what maybe i dont have it written in my auction so i aoplogized. but then i saw i did write immediate payment . so i got another email from her with this " So Sorry! WIll you take a payment by Western Union? Yuo can pick up at the same day and it wont cost you anything."

    Ok and i wrote her back sorry only paypal , its secure for u and me . And havent heard anything else from her /him. Should i wait another 24hrs and then relist or what should i do ??? i dont know what to do?? help thanks and sorry for being so long. :confused1:
  2. Well one thing I do know, is that no matter what your auction says, the buyer has 7 days to make payment. You can't even file a NPB complaint until those 7 days are up. You can relist it, but then you might have a mess if the original buyer actually pays.

    I'd remind them that you only take Paypal, and that if they haven't paid via paypal by the 7th day that you will file a NPB against them.
  3. Well, I do agree that expecting payment within 24 hours is unrealistic. And, eBay allows buyers to pay within 7 days, no matter what your auction says.

    I would not take Western Union if you can. Too risky. But if you don't hear from your seller after 7 days, definitely file a non paying bidder complaint with eBay. You can relist the item in the meantime.
  4. Sorry guys - but none of this would happen if all your listings were "immediate payment required". Then none of this would happen and you wouldn't have to deal with idiots that didn't read English. You have to wait the 7 or 10 days - whatever eBay deems "acceptable time" before you file a "non paying buyer" claim. It's just too big of a pain in the tushy.:shrugs:
  5. I have a NPB also. Complained about my shipping charges which were clearly stated and even after I gave her a discount, hasn't paid. People can be such sniveling twits. I ask for payment within 3 days, I ship the same day or the next if it's afterhours or Sunday and usually people are good but there's a jerk every once in a while. So much for her perfect feedback.
  6. You can only use the immediate payment required option for buy it now... not a useful thing if you'd like to make use of the auction aspect of Ebay.
  7. Well, the buyer has 7 days to pay. So you have to wait. Sorry, but that is eBay policy.

    I too had in my auction, PayPal payment must be received in 48hrs, but was told that is not a realistic demand, since eBay says 7 days.

    So, wait I do. LOL
  8. I have a second offer here that i can send to the other seller that was second to last to bid. Should i send it to her and let the winning bidder (that hasnt paid yet) that the item is no longer available. ? Does that sound fair?
    And another thing i pay immediate even though she states whatever . And if im gonna pay late i let the seller know. just out of respect and curtesy u know? hope u guys think the same.
  9. No, that isn't fair. "Immediate payment" on eBay is 7 days. You can't make someone pay in a 24 hour timeframe, even if that is how you pay for your items when you are a bidder. As a bidder, I know this helps the seller and I get the item quicker, so I pay within 24 hours, but not all bidders do this and it isn't required, not matter what your auction states. What is the bidder was on vacation and hasn't been back to their computer to pay or email you? You have to let the auction play out.
  10. 24 hours is way way way too small of a timeframe for payment, unless you only use buy it now, and require immediate payment when you list. I ask for communication about payment within 48 hours and payment within 5 days, but I won't relist until 7 because that's when you can file a UID.
  11. You have to wait the 7 days to file a NPB claim... I have a NPB right now too, and they tried to pull a similiar scam... I have payment by Paypal ONLY for this ($1000 bag) item... and they want to pay via Western Union or have my bank account number to pay directly into it? UH NO, I do not think so!!!

    Unfornuately, while I can wait the 7 days and complete the NPB, get my $$ back and relist - just imagine if these people are going this to new sellers that don't know any better and getting their PERSONAL information!! Quite scary. (This person already has 2 negatives in the past couple of days from doing the same thing to other people.)

    Give them the benefit of the doubt, because it may not be the same situation. But when it hits 7 days, file that items as "Not Paid for" and get your listing fees back... I don't know if there are scammers on there right now, just trying to get bank account info from people, but it is a serious waste of my time!!! :cursing:

    Okay, sorry my vent. Good luck with your situation.... :smile:
  12. Meant to add - because you state paypal only, this particular has to pay through paypal - they should not be allowed to complete transcation otherwise.
  13. buyer has 7 days.
    then you can do npb and try to get your fees back.
  14. buyer has 7 days.
    then you can do npb and try to get your fees back.

  15. Uh, no that is not fair. The winner has 7 days to pay according to eBay policy. You just have to wait.