Need Advice for 2nd Pair.......

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  1. I received my first pair of Louboutin's for Christmas and I want another pair and can't make up my mind.....Any suggestions on a good choice for 2nd pair?

    These are my first pair......

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  2. Have you seen any styles that you like? I am a huuuge fan of the decollete, it was my first CL and I know I'll only buy more of this style, so how about that shoe? What's more your style though, strappy, pump, you have any ideas?
  3. What is your preferred toe? I really like the Decolette as well because of the more pointed look, which I prefer. I think I am going to buy the Decolette in Camel next as well.
    If you like a more rounded toe, I believe something like the Simple or Ron Rons are a classic, simple, popular shoe.
  4. Do you have anything in mind?
  5. Now it is time for Tan Buldges. I had the Black patent yoyo first.....this is the other pair I can not live without.
    Like this:
  6. ^ Buldges? interesting... I've never heard of that style.

    OP- like the others asked, do you have any preference? like open toe/closed toe? pump? bootie?
  7. ^^I believe those are the Bruges.
  8. ooh, that makes more sense- I was thinking that "Buldges" is a weird thing to name a shoe :P
  9. That would be me and my fingers not putting down what I thought I did....yes Bruges.
  10. Bruges are so so comfortable. I have the all black kid version and they are my go to black shoes right now.
    I would say decolletes, declics, simples or ron rons. If you can try them on to see which are more comfortable. All would be great for a second pair.
  11. My advice would be to go through the reference library and find something there you love! Then at least you know whats out there!
  12. Great idea, Naked!
  13. ITA There are some great pictures there!