Need advice...First or City?

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  1. I'm 5'9" and about 130 looking to buy my first Bbag and am very excited!! After looking at tons of pics of from the picture post I just can't make up my mind whether I should get a First or a City. Does anyone have the exact measurements of each? I like the look of the proportions of the First but don't want to get something that looks too small for my size.

  2. Definitely the city. :yes: Its a great size, I found the first too small.
  3. I prefer the city for an every day bag!
  4. city all the way...
  5. City!
  6. The First won't look too small for your sister in law is the same as you and the First looks great on her.

    The deciding factor (for me, at least) comes down to this: is this an evening bag or an everyday bag? If it's evening, you can easily do a First, which will hold plenty for a night out (wallet, cellphone, lip gloss, etc.). If it's day, you might want to move to the City size, which would also allow for a make-up kit, reading material, agenda, sweater, etc.
  7. I would go for the city it`s a great size.
    U can always wear for work an for pleasure.
    It`s a great bag, my first bag was a black city bag 2005:heart:

    Great leather.

    Good shopping luck FX:love:
  8. City too!!!!
  9. if you don't carry a lot of stuff, get the first definitely
    you can carry a wallet, phone, checkbook, etc. It's such a great shape, feminine and useful
    If you carry lots more, get the city.
    I live in a place where I get in and out of the car, as opposed to carrying everything with me at all times, and the first is perfect
  10. wow ur a 5'9"....maybe u should go all the way and consider the work or even weekender!~!!! the first definitely won't do ur height justice :smile:
  11. thanks everyone!
  12. City!
  13. city~~ :tender:
    what color do you have in mind?
  14. CITY too for me :biggrin: