Need advice fast please!!!!! Help!

  1. OK I may have found my dream bag, the Chanel metallic luxe bowler. Only thing is in order to afford it I'd have to sell BOTH my Balenciaga city and also my Chloe paddy. Should it do it? That will leave me w/my chocolate chloe python silverado, my green fendi spy and of course the black luxe bowler.

    I could put it all on my CC but would prefer NOT to do that if I don't absolutely have to. I haven't used the city or the paddy very much since getting them, basically use my spy every day.

    Just curious on your thoughts! :yahoo: Please help girls!
  2. What color is your Balenciaga and what color is the paddy?
  3. Sable paddy and rose city.
  4. I'd sell the Paddy. The chanel is your *dream* bag. and the rose is too pretty to sell ahaha.
  5. Ah Brooke lol. Well I would HAVE to sell BOTH no matter what to afford the Chanel. NO way I could afford it otherwise :sad:
  6. Ooh. I thought you just needed a little bit of money. Well then..I'm afraid I didn't help much! ;)
  7. If you really love the luxe bag, sell both of the bags and get it.
  8. Then you probably won't miss them that much...
    If it's your DREAM BAG, get it :yes:
  9. I think you should sell the Paddy and City since you don't use them much, and buy your dream bag instead.
  10. Agreed, sell them if you don't use them.
  11. Wow, difficult decision for you. The '05 sable Paddy is so pretty (leather is so nice too) and tough to get your hands on. Is your rose City the '06 spring pale rose? Both are gorgeous bags, but since they are also lighter colors then you may not use them as much in the fall/winter season and so would not miss them if you didn't have them. There are always new spring Bbag colors and I would assume the Chloe Paddy will still be around in the spring again with it's new colors. So spring '07 you could look forward to getting a new one.
    It sounds like you very much want the bowler (I don't blame you) and I would say you would have a very nice fall/winter color collection with having a green Spy, a choco Silverado and then the new black luxe bowler! :smile:
  12. I say sell them will truly be happy. Are you sure deep down inside? No regret? DO IT!!! I would for my dream bag.
  13. Ah I'm sure I'll ALWAYS have some type of regret. But I just tried the City on and the Paddy too, and while they are nice, I haven't used them at all. They just sit in my closet, nice to look at lol. I figure at least I"ll have a gorgeous black bag, my FIRST Chanel. Yay!
  14. If you haven't used them, you answered your own question!Get the CHANEL.
  15. Get your dream bag, after all, you can only carry one bag at a time!