Need Advice - Edith Satchel


    I've made the plunge and have purchased this Edith and now I'm nervous and need your help with my first Chloe.

    I have not seen this bag IRL, but anticipate that the bag will be stiff - like other Ediths that I have seen. Will the leather soften over time?
    Why do you all love your Ediths so much? Please let me know.
    From reading posts by other TPFers, this bag has been returned often by others - and reasons sited are stiffness, no cell phone pocket (no biggie for me) and that it's hard to get into/out with the buckle/zip combination. Let me know your expert opinion.
    I LOVE the style - more East/West which is good for me cuz I'm short and I don't carry much stuff.
    Any advice would be helpful....I don't want to make an uniformed decision/impression of the bag.
    Thanks SO much.:rolleyes:
  2. I just got mine and was surprised how stiff the leather was but I don't mind because it means it will age well. I think it's quite elegant for a larger bag and I can't see it being anymore fiddley to deal with than my Paddie
  3. It will stay stiff sorry - they don't soften really as they are made that way to hold that unique shape
  4. It depends on the season. The first edition Ediths were wrinkly, smooshy and slouched wonderfully. They look very vintaged. The leather was pebbly and appeared exactly the way they did in the ad campaigns. The 2nd and 3rd season bags were not at all like the 1st season bags. When I saw them in the store I thought they were very stiff and Frankenstein looking! Nothing like my Edith.

    When my Edith is sitting on the desk it actually slumps over it's so vintage smooshy. If you can, try to find a 1st season bag.

    Look at the "Edith Lover" thread under Resources. You'll notice the difference!
  5. My Edith is a Bowler and I Love her!!!! She is 06 and I find her a little squishy:yes: Totally for travel though. I have found the other Ediths to be a little stiff and cumbersome. I just bought a Paddington large pocket and I am due to receive it on Thursday. Can't wait. I am a little worried that she may be a bit large.
  6. My large edith is 1st season and I find the body smooshy, but the handles do hold their shape and stay quite stiff.
  7. Thanks to all who have replied - I had hoped to hear back from someone who had the same style of bag -am I incorrect in assuming that this style is not very popular? I am scheduled to get my bag tomorrow and will let you know my opinion. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I love this bag! :yes:
  8. Edith is popular, what matters is how you feel about it.
    Crossing my fingers for you, hope you will love it.
  9. Okay Edith-Lovers....update to the Edith LARGE satchel that I just received....
    Though I did know the dimensions to the bag, I should have paid attention to the word LARGE because, my word, this is a piece of luggage instead of a purse!! The NM photo shows it as much more compact that it is in reality. It is GORGEOUS, but I cannot see myself using it as purse. The leather is mighty fine, not stiff, but the design does not lend itself to go in/out of the bag with ease. Love the east/west concept of this bag, and hopefully, Chloe will make others that are smaller and figure out a way to make the openings/closing easier. Does anyone know if they make a Small East/West design? Thanks everyone for your input....I know there will be an Edith in my future.:wlae:
  10. Yes, the large is luggage size! I would only recommend it for women with larger stature (5'8 or taller). Otherwise it could overwhelm your frame.
  11. With my other Chloe's I have noticed that the leather really softens over time. However, my Silverado was always soft and supple.
  12. The small satchel is a perfect size. I had a beautiful one in Putty. I don't know the exact dimensions but I like large bags and it was fine for me. Check it out on Ann's Fabulous finds. I have to have a shoulder strap so that's why it's there.
  13. Thank you!