Need advice deciding!!


Nov 27, 2012
Hello!! I recently got the black violet and ocelot small madeline and I love them both! But I saw the small cranberry today and it smacked me upside the head! GORRRRGGGGEOUS! Should I exchange the ocelot for the cranberry???? Is the cranberry too close to the black violet? I love the ocelot cuz its soooo different than anything I have but the fabric does scare me a little even though it seems very durable....I cannot have all 3. I think I love the ocelot and the cranberry equally. The ocelot is really lightweight and so snazzy and so unique. Cranberry could come along again in the future but what about ocelot? Do you think the ocelot will be as durable as it seems? Can't get cranberry outta my head! All opinions welcomed!! Thanks so much!!! :panic:


Girly Gear Head
Dec 10, 2010
I would probably return the ocelot and get cranberry instead. I think leather is almost always more durable than fabric. The ocelot is gorgeous, but you sound like you love the cranberry way more than the ocelot. BV and cranberry aren't similar at all IMO.