Need Advice; debating between three bags

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  1. Hi everybody, I am heading to LV in a few days and I am in search of a bag for spring/summer. I have been wanting a lighter color bag for awhile now but I have yet to pull the trigger. These are the three bags I am debating;

    1) Azur Delightful with RB interior
    2) Azur NF with RB interior
    3) The LTD Jungle NF

    I already have a mono NF and I really like the bag. I dont have any hobo type bags so I was thinking the Delightful may be a good addition. The jungle NF at first I didnt like but after seeing some reveals it really does look like an interesting work of art and I do like bags that are unique. The RB is abit out of my comfort zone but I think it is so pretty for spring/summer. Also I was wondering how you all think the azur and RB would look with a primarily black wardrobe, do you think it would look good or not really match? If anyone has any other recommendations on summer bags feel free to share.
  2. +1 for Azur Delightful with RB interior

    This bag is so sweet...I think I may pick it up this summer. =)
  3. Really depend on how much you like hobo bags. I can't wear them cause they slip off my shoulder - so I always stick with neverfull. But if you can wear a hobo comfortably, I think delightful will add some pleasant variety for you.

    Not a fan of the jungle or palm or dots or whatever this year's limited editions are.
  4. Also, all black with azure with pink interior might look weird.... Just my two cents
  5. The Delightful has my vote since you don't have a hobo in your collection and that it's so insanely comfortable to wear, even when it's heavy.
  6. Sell your mono NF, get the jungle NF and the Azur Delightful. I wear all black most of the time, and I don't own any Azur.
  7. I vote for the Delightful, but it's really what you love!
  8. My wardrobe is almost entirely black, and I have ended up selling every single DA piece that I've ever purchased. I think DA is beautiful to look at, but I have a hard time making it mesh with my personal style. I really want the new croisette bag, but I have a feeling it will be hard to work into my current wardrobe. I think that's why I love epi bags in bright colors. I find them easier to pair with all black outfits, yet also good for warm weather looks.
  9. What about the new duomo? I'd choose delightful if you're not keen on that one.
  10. since your wardrobe is mostly black, I'd choose the Jungle NF
  11. Thanks. It is really pretty and I don't own anything pink.

    I have really tiny shoulders, so I will have to pay extra attention to that when trying it on, thank you. That's my worry that it won't look good with my wardrobe.

    Thank you. That's good to know that it stays lightweight because I definitely like lightweight bags.

    That's an idea but I love my mono NF too much to part with it.

    Thank you :smile:
  12. Delightful... love the look of that bag
  13. Thank you for sharing. I dont even know why I love the Azur RB interior so much, its so not me but there is just something about it.

    The Duomo its a cute bag but I just havent gotten into it.

    Thank you both :smile:
  14. I think the azur neverfull :smile: you know you like the style and it works. I have an azur NF and love it. I've tried delightfuls but they fall off my shoulder and keep going back to the neverfulls myself.
  15. Vote for delightful