Need advice: courtney cox bag or jumbo caviar?

  1. Help please ~ I bought the jumbo distressed black caviar flap with mademoiselle closure and new chain today... but I don't know if I should exchange it for a regular black jumbo caviar with silver hardware...

    pros to cox bag:
    i love the mademoiselle closure
    love the chain
    love the distressed leather

    cons or pro for black jumbo:
    is the jumbo more of a classic?
    i already have a 226 dark silver reissue
    i already have a jumbo outdoor ligne flap in black
    i like that the original chain can be worn crossbody
    (but the outdoor ligne can be worn this way too) :nuts:

    any opinions / advice please?
  2. I love the bag I have brought it 2 x and returned it now for the last time I brought it and going to keep it I love it for everyday and i figured If am still thinking about it I must need it :smile: IMO you cant go wrong or you can return it oh as far as the classic well it is a classic so you can always get it I love the other I think its a rain or shine jeans and T bag God luck :smile:
  3. Regular black jumbo caviar with silver hardware gets my vote. =)
  4. Hmm I'm leaning towards the regular black jumbo caviar... since the price is going up so much this fall, it's $400 cheaper than the courtney cox bag, and I already have the distressed leather on my outdoor ligne which i loooveee. also I don't have a "true" black Chanel bag yet, since I have a glazed black pocket in the city tote, a dark grey outdoor ligne and a dark silver 226.

    i'm so addicted to this forum it's crazy! gotta post my pics soon so I can also feel less guilty about my purchases :biggrin:
  5. ^^I think you just answered your own question...the classic flap sounds like the way to go for you.
  6. now i'm debating whether or not i should i get gold hardware instead... ack! my wedding rings are platinum and i actually prefer silver so i guess i should go with silver... but all the other chanel bags i have are silver hmm...
  7. I would prefer gold on a smaller flap, I'm the same as you don't really wear any gold jewelery but I don't mind a little gold in a bag here and there, the jumbo can be so in your face (in a good way) sometimes though that I just like it better with silver.....if it were a med/large that you were getting I would say consider it in gold......
  8. I think since you already have a reissue, go with the regular black jumbo, plus I'm also not a huuge fan of the new chain... But I think both are gorgeous bags which you can't go wrong w!
  9. my vote is for black jumbo, silver hd
  10. another vote for the jumbo
  11. I think the outdoor line is similar to the distressed leather of the Courtney Cox bag, so I'd definitely go with the caviar jumbo with silver HW!
  12. I like the courtney cox bag I think it is so cute but it's more for a jeans and T girl IMO I dont think you can go wrong with either good luck I know how hard it is :smile:
  13. jumbo classic with s/h