Need Advice: Contemplating a Midday For "Work"

May 28, 2007
Hi all,

So my mom wants to get me a work bag as a graduation present. I'm doing research now so I can choose the perfect one. I'd like something bigger than a regular purse but not as stuffy as a briefcase or anything. I'd also like something with a shoulder strap.

I'm not a fan of the Work model, but was wondering if other more "structured" Bal bags are useful for work. I'd be carrying documents, a small umbrella, a wallet, a bottle of water, maybe a small cardigan -- and perhaps even my 13" MacBook in its padded sleeve.

What do you all think about a Midday for this purpose? Or is it too small and City-like for all the above? TIA!!! :biggrin:


Mar 1, 2006
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The Midday doesn't have a shoulder strap and is not very easy to shoulder until the handles stretch.

What about the Sunday tote? It's a different shape than the Work and the large can hold a lot. There is no shoulder strap but the handles are longer than the Midday.


Apr 2, 2007
The midday can hold a good deal more than a city, since it is a deeper bag. I think it could hold all those things you mentioned, although I must admit that I haven't tried stuffing mine yet. It is only a bit smaller than a work (not as rectangular). The midday is a great and versatile bag, although I must say that for me the work feels more comfortable on my shoulder (despite having a similar handle drop). The work is flatter along the top than the midday and it seems to drape better if that makes any sense.
May 28, 2007
Thank you both!

roey, does the sunday tote have a zipper closing? i looked in the reference thread, but cannot tell. i get paranoid when i'm on the subway and am smooshed along with people. also, does it come with the GH? i'm a bit partial to that in lieu of the RH. i also misspoke when i referred to a "shoulder strap" -- i meant a strap i can wear over the shoulder. i've been good at stretching the handles on my Pom, so if the drop on the Midday is similar, then i could stretch that as well... i do like the shape of the sunday tote better than the work, though.

chemosphere, in your opinion, is it a "big" bag? the Work seems too rectangular or something to me, and since i'd be riding the train, i'd be scared of smacking someone with it (lol) BUT i still obviously want something that looks decidedly more like an office-professional bag than just a purse. size-wise, do you think the Midday looks appropriate enough to pass off as a work bag/brief/tote? i'm 5'7 and 130lbs, and i like big bags, just not bulky bags, so my concern is that the Midday would look small on me. thoughts? :smile:


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Apr 19, 2007
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No zip top closure just a magnetic snap.. I love the sunday totes but I have been eyeing a midday too. I think it's a dark horse style.. very cute!
Midday can hold quite a lot of things actually. I also like the fact that it kinda "hide" the zipper. I took metro/MRT before while using my midday and had no problem with it. I can say that it's quite a safe bag. Another big bag that I like is the brief, but it was discontinued. You can check it out and try to find it if you like.


Jun 22, 2006
I carried my Midday a ton while on business and it became the best bag for me with that regard. Stylish and functional. My laptop is quite large and it fit in perfectly along with holding some files and magazines, my essentials, and a cardigan. Love love love this bag for the purpose you are looking for. My handles stretched out so quick because of my heavy laptop and now fits nicely over the shoulder. I think it's a lovely choice!


May 30, 2009
I did try on midday once in my local Bbal it very gorgeous but just that it is heavy than Brief and PT.If u are gg to lung so my things even Laptop,think u have to consider the weight issues.As for work,i dont own one so cant say much about it.
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Nov 7, 2007
I have not experience with the midday but it is on my wishlist too - and I would imagine would suit your needs just fine - I think the style is pretty - and I am not as keen on the shape of the sunday.