Need Advice: Buying flight vouchers from craigslist

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  1. Has anyone ever done this? I don't understand how the vouchers transfer, etc. Please let me know your experiences / what I should look out for, etc. TIA!
  2. The only thing i ever got from craigslist is a job. I am very nervous especially will all the scammers in the world.
  3. at the risk of sounding like a *****

    i wouldn't touch craigslist with things like that with a ten foot pole. there is jsut to much room to get screwed.
  4. ^^ I totally agree. Just be careful what you buy & who you buy it from.
  5. I agree with be careful. A ton of scammers...
  6. I didn't buy anything. Sometimes I wonder WHY people even bother to advertise things on there (for example there are SO MANY fake bags! at least on the LA one ...) I still have no idea what a "flight voucher" is ... so I guess it doesn't exist? No wonder it's 1/2 price of the normal tickets!
  7. is it a buddy pass they're selling?
  8. Yes, they do exist.

    A flight voucher, for example from Southwest is a voucher that they send frequent flyers. My husband gets free round trip ticket vouchers sent to him about once a quarter because he flies with them so much. I have sold many on craigslist....basically free money to the seller, but the buyer can get some great deals on flights. He just gave me another one to list...hopefully a new bag for me is in the works. :yahoo:

    How I worked them was once I got the payment via paypal, the people send me the flight number and their name. I book the flight for them under their name, and have the itinerary sent to their email. Most southwest flights can be changed if need be, and can be done so by the person whose name is on the ticket, which would be the buyer.

    I have seen a few on there that people have you meet them in such and such public place, with a laptop, and complete the transaction there in front of them. I don't do it that way, I just accept paypal and then book the flight. If you pay via paypal through your credit card and get scammed, your credit card company should cover you.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.