Need advice, buyer claims my authentic bag is fake

  1. I sold a Fendi spy couple of weeks ago to a buyer in Australia. She told me to hold this bag for her for two weeks before she makes the payment. Anyway, the bag I sold is authentic from Saks 5th, and it is also verified in this forum. Now after the buyer received the bag, she said someone from the Fendi store told her the bag is fake and demanding money back.

    What should I do? I am very sure the bag is authentic, and I had all the pictures taken before I sent out the bag. Should I accept the return? I am afraid the bag she's going to send back to me might not be the same bag I sent to her. What kind of protection do I as a seller have from paypal and eBay?

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. What kind of proof do you have that the bag is authentic? Receipt, tags, have you had it authenticated, anything from where you posted it here? If they file a paypal claim you may need to prove its authentic, If you havent had any complaints filed on you and you have a good rep with paypal and the buyer has a history of this then that helps alot too.
  3. If you know the bag is real and you have receipts, send those scans to her. If she can provide a better statement that the bag is fake, do not accept it back. It sounds like she has buyers remorse, also whats up with you holding the bag for 2 weeks for her?
  4. I had the original price tag from Saks that I already included in the bag to her. I also posted the detail pictures of this bag in the Fendi forum under "Authentic this.." thread 3 months ago which was confirmed by the forum member the authentic of the bag.
  5. I sent the price tag from Saks to her along with the bag. I was holding the bag for her for two weeks because I was nice enough since she told me she really wants the bag but she was on a trip for two weeks.
  6. If you do accept a return, I wouldn't refund her shipping or paypal fees. And DO NOT return her $$ until you receive the bag back and inspect it to make sure it is your bag. Also being sure she returns it with all the tags, etc. that you sent. I would also have her send it back certified/signature certification so she and you have proof that you signed for it.

    Good luck!
  7. I would also ask for the name of the Fendi SA and the location where he/she works for reference.
    You will be able to tell by the reaction of your buyer.
    If she hesitates to give you this reference, it's most likely that she has just changed her mind and is trying to bluff you.
    You can also try to call and verify the reference.
  8. as far as i know there is no fendi store in oz...

  9. :busted
  10. Fendi is sold in all DFS Galleria stores here in Australia and David Jones but the David Jones staff are probably not the most reliable for authentication as they don't specialise in Fendi whereas DFS Galleria is a different matter.

    Depending on the location of the buyer DFS is only located on the Gold Coast, Sydney and Cairns.

    I would call her bluff and ask for details of the person who told her that and advise her that you will be calling to verify.
  11. Thank you all for all the advices!!!! That's why I love this forum. I just verified again in the Fendi forum, everything looks good. I was really distress since this is very value-able bag, and this is first time it happens to me.

    Here is the city of the buyer: East Cannington WA6107. Is there DFS near?
  12. wow! people are soo shady! i'm seriously thinking about giving up on ebay!
  13. that's western australia, david jones would have a store in perth but as it has been said the staff are trained to sell but not to authenticate bags. ask her the name of the store, as i said there are no fendi flagship stores in australia. why don't you suggest to her to post the pics here or use an reputable authentication service like caroldivva or my poupette? sorry to hear about this prob.
  14. that doesn't read good...i didn't mean that the pf is not reputable only that if she knows you are a member she might not agree to put the bag here for authentication... do i make sense now?
  15. I think you should question who is telling her that it is fake. I dont even know of an fendi boutiques in Australia who would know the brand well enough to make that kind of assessment.

    I would ask for proof if I were you.