Need advice-Buyer claims didn't receive bag

  1. So, I recently sold my LV white pearl coin purse. I shipped it out fedex ground with signature required and full insurance. I was in constant contact with the buyer to make sure she got it. Well, she wasn't home when fedex delivered. The fedex driver made a delivery exception and let her neighbor sign for it. Suppposedly, the neighbor left the box outside and the buyer is claiming that someone stole it. Am I being scammed??? I immediatley called Paypal to report it but they said it is the fault of fedex and they won't cover it. I filed a claim with fedex because their driver made a delvery exception that was not authorized and I am waiting for a response. I don't know what to do if fedex rejects the claim? Am I supposed to refund the buyers money? Then I am out the money & the product. Help!
  2. Why would the neighbor sign for it just to leave it outside? Sounds fishy to me but if the neighbor signed for it, then your buyer should seek compensation from her neighbor, IMO.
  3. I don't think you're liable, I think FedEx is liable. Just give it some time and see how it plays out.
  4. FedEx is definitely at fault. It may take some time for them to investigate (I just waited 6 weeks to have UPS finally finalize a claim in my favour over a similar situation) but I think you will be fine and FedEx will reimburse you for the "lost" package. They can't just decide to let anyone sign for the package. I believe you will then have to refund the buyer who may or may not also have the merchandise. If it was over $250 and you requested signature and the signature on file is not that of the purchaser, paypal will in all likelihood side with the purchaser.
  5. If the paperwork on your end states that it was delivered, then you're off the hook with eBay and PayPal. I would tell her to go jump in a lake! Not to mention, I might think that SHE not you would have to file with Fed Ex as once it's delivered, you're end is over.
    I once went through a situation on eBay where an item never arrived, in that case the seller had to refund because she had no proof that it was delivered.
    Hope it all works out and just remember things are in your favor at this point! Don't refund her anything!
  6. your buyer's neighbour signed for the item and she should be the one who's responsible for leaving the item outside - if your buyer's neighbour wasn't going to make sure that the item arrives safely to the receipient, she shouldn't have signed for it in the first place, IMO.
  7. I agree with kitti.....
  8. I agree with MustLoveDogs. Your did your bit, the responsibility now lies with the buyer and Fedex, at least according to Paypal.

    However, it may be that you the seller might have to file for the lost package with Fedex, and then after receiving the insurance payment from Fedex, refund your buyer's money through paypal.

    Do you know if the buyer used a credit card to fund their Paypal payment? If so, then MAYBE she could claim a chargeback through her cc. This should be the buyer's last resort if Fedex refuses the honor the insurance claim.

    You need to be on Fedex's back like white on rice until they pay up.
  9. I'm sure Fedex will come through. I've had a similar problem like this (not an expensive handbag) but Fedex claimed to have made a delivery but just left it out without a signature.

    They promptly refunded the seller's money, and they resent the item.

    Also, on a side note, when sending items by fedex make sure to check the "Direct Signature Required" for home deliveries. This means someone at that physical address must be home for the item to be delivered, or it will be redelivered the next day.

    If you don't they will assume that it's ok to leave the package at the front door. There is also an "Indirect Signature" box, which means that a neighbor, etc can sign for it or that the receiver/buyer can leave a signed hang tag allowing Fedex to leave out packages.
  10. Make sure you get any refunds from Fedex paid to you directly and then refund the buyer via Paypal, if you let them get the Fedex check they can still get their money back through Paypal or a chargeback on their cc as well, and you will be out the money and the item, while she has double the money and the item. I'd personally also advise them to open a Paypal dispute so that you have proof that they have gotten their money back once it's all sorted.
  11. FedEx is liable, wait and see how it plays out. Good luck! :heart:
    I had this issue once but didn't insure the bag (it was a gucci and the buyer refused to pay for insurance and got it for quite a low price). She then claimed she never received it and PayPal took the money out of my account to give to her. I got HOSED. I hope this doesn't happen to you.
  12. You sent the bag exactly as promised and the mistake was out of your hands. Its not your fault. Unless you hand deliver it yourself there was no more secure way to deliver. Just tell the buyer it is being investigated and see what Fed Ex come up with. I think it is their fault.
  13. Just wondering how did things play out?
  14. It is NOT your fault- she is totally scamming you. You just have to wash your hands clean of it, and move on. Something similar happened to me, she had me send it to her office and somebody "stole" it there. She really thought I was to blame, and even filed a paypal claim! But, of course, I won! I hate how some peoPle try to abuse the system!
  15. I filed a claim with FEDEX because I paid for signature confirmation and the FEDEX griver made a 'delivery exception" and let a neighbor sign for it which lead to the whole "someone stole it thing". I am waiting to get a check from them so I can refund her money and get on down the road. I have to admit, I have only sold a few things and just seem to get the worst things that happen to me.