Need advice: Best Chloé style and color to go with true white ?

  1. I need your help guys, after receiving my beautiful paddy in blanc I thought I was set for this season but since then I've gone thru my wardrobe and have realised that I have a tun of true white stuff and "no" bag to go with it. The paddy is way to ivory. My other bags too dark or too casual for example Bal day.
    What should I be looking for?

    It needs to go with outfits from:

    White pants, bright blue ralph Lauren Polo, white thin addidas sneakers, light jean jacket (what I wear today)

    to little linen Tara Jarmon "coctail dress" (Jacky O style sleeveless), white highheeled peeptoe Tod's etc...

    Any ideas ? Help is more than welcome!
  2. Rouge!! and you know where to find one :smile:
  3. Blue nuit too!!!!


  5. Defintely red!

  6. ;) :p

    I do have red (Bal city) the color is gorgeous but I just don't wear much red.
    Bleu nuit sounds good but wonder if it's not too dark with an all white outfit ???
    I just can't make a mistake here...

    Please keep the suggestios coming...can also be non Chloé...!
  7. What about a metallic, light-to-mid neutral (e.g. Tan), or a new Blanc (true white) Paddy?

    Or a Camel Bay?
  8. I say blue nuit..
  9. Muscade is a good choice - very neutral :yes:

    Or it it too casual a colour for you:shrugs:
  10. Oh yeah, anthracite would look nice too!!

    But bleu nuit definitely gets high marks on my Bags'n'Jacket spreadsheet for playing well with whites.
  11. I say Mousse! I have it and it looks fabulous with whites and my entire spring/summer wardrobe!
  12. Thanks ladies you are very helpful. So what the style is concerned it sounds as if everybody thinks another paddy would work best ?! Or maybe a Bay

    Colorwise I think I can start to narrow things down:

    So I rule out red as well as tan (just doesn't go that well with my complexion,) a true white is intresting but not the new paddy I saw it IRL and it looked somehow artificial to me.

    - muscade or camel sounds intresting neutral and relatively light
    - true white but not in paddy
    - bleu nuit the color is really pretty and would go with
    light blues as well
    - mousse is so pretty and great with white but no way with lightblues or lightpinks :crybaby:

    hmwe46 what is a bag'n jacket spreadsheet ???​
  13. rouge!!!:p
  14. sigh, a Bag'n'spreadsheet is my anal-retentive way of deciding what purse I need to keep or sell :push:

    In column A, I list all my handbags and in Row 1 I list my favorite jacket & shoe combo's.

    Then each bag is rated on a scale from 1-10 based on compatability.

    They are stack ranked on Average Score, then the ones that are Must Have for a Particular outfit are given a "Hall Pass".