Need advice! Berry Alexandra or Sophia crimson patent?

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My first Coach bag

  1. Berry Alexandra

  2. Crimson patent Sophia

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I just got my first Coach bag, a Berry Alexandra. But now I am having second thoughts. This bag is beautiful but In my opinion it doesnt scream COACH! like a signature fabric or Sophia would, with the Coach logo right there for everybody to see.
    I dont have a glamorous job (preschool teacher) and dont get to go out much (mother of four young kids) but I feel like I should get an awesome bag that screams to the world SHE DESERVES IT!
    SO... Berry Alexandra or Crimson patent Sophia?
  2. I have the acorn alexandra and I love this bag so much I want the berry but I also want the Crimson sophia so I know I am no help whatsoever. Since I have the acorn I will try to save up to get the Crimson Sophia but I would stay with your berry alexandra. I think this bag is gorgeous. I love my acorn. It is so functional and I love the 3 ways you can wear this bag. The alexandra is such a good bag if you are a mother of four young kids. I have 2 kids and this leather has held up beautifully. My daughter has gotten her chocolate hands on my bag and it just wiped off. I have the crimson checkbook wallet and I love it but fingerprints show up on this type of leather.
  3. I like the color of the Alexandra but the style of Sophia better. I voted Alexandra but would have voted the Crimson if the patent was textured...the finger print thing would be a deal breaker for me.
  4. I have the crimson sophia and I will tell you that the three times I have carried it, even MEN stop and tell me how beautiful that bag is.

    I had a client who was an ex-cop, 55 years old, zero style whatsoever and he says to me "Wow. Is that one of those designer bags? I could probably bribe my wife with that!"

    If you want a show stopper, the crimson sophia is it!
  5. Crimson patent Sophia

    you have an amazing job as a preschool teacher, glam it up with Sophia bag
    as a mother of 4 young kids -patent leather is easy to care for, just wipe it down.

    I vote for Sophia for you!
    But get an awesome bag that screams to the world YOU DESERVE IT! Because you do!!!
  6. Thank you Cosmogrrl, Is your Sophia high maintenance?
  7. Restore 74, thanks for the kind comment! I am in my early forties, I hope not too old to pull the Sophia look off...

  8. Age is all about attitude. You do so much for others...It's ok to give back to yourself. ;)

    Note: i have patent leather Sophia(not large) on my wishlist too!


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  9. I'm 45, so if I'm not too old, you're not too old!!!!

    I wipe her off with a very lightly damp paper towel. She's fine.

    She isn't a tank, though. If you are looking for an every day, run around bag with kids, the Alexandra would be better. A large graphite MFF Zoe would be IDEAL,though. You can't kill that bag.
  10. I vote for berry alexandra. I have the acorn and I want the berry soooo bad. Love the slouch and the crossbody option. But I'm biased since I already have an alexandra, and plus I really don't care for the shape of Sophia, but that's JMO.
  11. I am waiting my crimson Sophia from Fed Ex. I cannot wait, it is such a gorgeous bag. So I vote Sophia.
  12. The crimson Sophia is definitely a show-stopper. But I think you also need to consider what style works better for you. Do you like to carry a satchel while out with your kids? If you're considering the Sophia, you should try her on and see how you like her when worn on the shoulder with the longer strap. I don't own a Sophia, but some of the ladies here have commented that they don't care for the look of Sophia when worn with the shoulder strap. Something to consider.

    I think the berry Alexandra is a beautiful bag, and really functional too with the 3 carrying options. The crossbody option is really nice while carting around young kids, and it's very comfortable as a shoulder bag. If you like the Alexandra style better, maybe you should look for a nice, big fob that screams "Coach" on it to add to the bag.

    I checked eBay and Bonz for some ideas, and here's what I came up with. The last one is the one I had in mind, but it's a little (OK, a lot) pricey.

    None of these are my auctions, and I would suggest authenticating before purchasing.

    Round Coach script:

    Crystal Coach script:

    Purple Coach script: (don't know how the color would go with berry?)

    Purple Coach Horse & Carriage: (purple may not go with berry?)

    Pave Coach script heart:

    Pave Coach letters:

    Silver Peyton charm: (this is the one I would get if it wasn't so expensive)

    Whatever you choose, be sure you really love her-- both for her looks and for the way she feels when you carry her. If you love the way a bag looks, but she isn't comfortable, you probably won't be happy carrying her a lot.

    Good luck!
  13. That is the only bag on my wishlist currently available at retail. GET HER NOW!!!! Then POST PICS!!!! Thank you!
  14. I actually really like the large Sophia worn on the shoulder with the shorter handles.
  15. You ladies are awesome! I think I am going to keep the Alexandra and will most def get the Sophia soon, both are beautiful and so different from one another! :happydance: