NEED advice before 1pm pacific!!

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  1. I am really interested in this flower cluster ring, i think its the perfect one! i've been looking for one for sooo long! but it says the height from top to bottom is 11mm with a top across 10mm..

    now 10mm spread is fine but 11mm top to bottom??? is that a bit big to have on top of your finger? my rings i have now are about 6-7mm high off the finger...

    any advice? is that way too high? below is the side profiles of the ring!!

    info- .15 center 1/2ctw
    942e_1.JPG 93cc_1.JPG
  2. It would be too high for me. However, I am a complete klutz and one of those that waves my hands around constantly. I usually choose band style rings that lay flat and don't even own an engagement ring for that reason!
    It's a cute ring though.............if it will fit into your lifestyle, why not? :smile:
  3. Way too high for me as well. If it will work for you and what you do daily though, it is cute.
  4. What do i do? not much lol.. no hard labor or anything. I was shocked the ring stands 11mm. i have a ruler and i was like wow.. this may be a bit dangerous. Its an estate piece, a rare find since the middle is a champagne color..

    I asked the seller to send me a profile pictures of it on her hand.. Auction ends in 5hrs!!

    this will be my right hand ring.. and maybe a future weapon? lol

    does anyone wear high profile rings?
  5. It's a gorgeous ring. I wear high profile rings, and the only problem I have is that sometimes they snag in loosely knit sweaters. Since summer is coming, I would get the ring. If it doesn't work out, you could always sell it on ebay. :heart:
  6. It's gorgeous but it's a bit too high ... Do you plan on wearing occasionally or as a regular ring? in addition to snagging, it may scratch things up, or bang on things as you move your hand. But if you love it, I'd say get it, and wear it on a night out. It's a sexy ring IMHO.
  7. the seller was not able to get back to me with additional pictures but thats okay i will get it and try it out. the seller has a 100% return policy - shippin to and from and i can take that loss. pictures will be posted when it arrives on sat/mon!

    *stalks the auction*