Need advice ASAP!

  1. Good taste! I vote for LV Neverfull. I saw it IRL. It is GORGEOUS!
  2. Gucci
  3. i already said on the gucci forum.. but ya the britt.
  4. I love both, so think you're good either way you go but in terms of style love the britt tote. So many people carry fake lv's :yucky: that I think the Gucci will really stand on its own. However, I have to say that for daily wear and tear the LV might stand up better, especially since the Gucci has white leather handles and trim- do they make it with black or red trim?
  5. i like the gucci a tad bit more.....
  6. Neverfull. I don't like the coloring on the gucci that much but that's just my preference. They both look like good bags though.
  7. Neverfull gets my vote!
  8. I like the Gucci!
  9. I like the Gucci a little more, but I always think that fabric would get dirty easily. LV looks like it could last longer and show less wear. I see knockoffs of both all over campus, so they're even on that respect.
  10. I'm biased, but NEVERFUL!!!
  11. Gucci =)
  12. LV all the way!
  13. gucci...the neverfull is pretty cheaply made imo...