need advice, asap.

  1. hey,
    maybe this is not the place to postt his, but i want to get a new pair of shades and im not sure if these look too masculione or not. my friends like to mess around w me, so i want some HONEST opinions, i was thinking of getting these, since they are very decently priced , but again, i dont want to look like a MAN , hehe

    what you think??
  2. I know this is probably not what you want to hear but I think they are a bit masculine...for me anyway. However, I think they are fine if you are going to be wearing them while doing sporty stuff. I can picture someone bike riding or playing volleyball wearing these :smile:.
  3. thanks! phewww , wouldnt want to look manly,
    what kind do you like?
  4. i don't think they look too masculine. then again, i'm not a real girly-girl, but i'd totally wear these. i have a very similar pair of prada shades, and a more squared-off, metal frame version by armani, too.

    just updated to say this: these are more high-fashion than americans are used to, i think. you should get them and work them if you like them! right now, i'm wearing <a href="">these chanel sunglasses</a>, which are more ho-hum than high fashion...and i'm longing for more high-fashion!

  5. I must agree with my2cuties on this one.. It's a little bit masculine looking. :upsidedown:
  6. too masculine unless you're snowboarding...
  7. Yeah they are too masculine for me as well. They need to be a big taller and rounder....
  8. I think it depends on the shape of your face and what you look like. I like the ones you ended up getting, but I didn't think the first ones were manly...

    I have Gucci shades that are similar to the first ones you posted. I'm curvy, have an oval face, soft features, long hair. I don't think anyone would ever think I look like a guy! :nogood:...
  9. I don't think they look manly.

    You said that and I pictured big square things or huge aviators.
  10. I think so, too. Those shades are for sports and riding motorcycles.