Need advice: ANI or Jenny Yuen?

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  1. Hi, I'm a new member and I need advice. I'm trying to choose between the ANI Nadia Cargo bag and the Jenny Yuen Gatsby.

    I want something fairly large (not huge), able to hold small books and files, rugged-yet-hip, and good for travel. I love both of these ... the ANI is a little larger but not sure if it has enough pockets. Any votes???

    (now I'm going to try and figure out how to attach the pics ... not sure how to do that yet)
    ANI_Nadia.jpg JennyYuen_Gatsby-almond.jpg
  2. I like the Ani's shape better.
  3. Oy, I like both, the one on the left maybe a little more. I think the one on the left is a liitle more casual than the one on the right, if that will help in your decision.
  4. Ooo they're both gorgeous...but I think the ANI is a touch more unique
  5. I know ... I'm so undecided ... I do love the casual feel and shape of the ANI. But it seems to only have the two side cargo pockets and only a cell-phone pocket inside. Not sure if that's enough, pocket-wise ... sigh. Anyone got either one of those bags?
  6. If you need more pockets, you can always get a purse organizer, but of course that's only additional pockets on the inside of the bag.
  7. i prefer the Jenny Yuen slightly more - i think it's cause it's a little more funky... but both are lovely!
  8. oh, that's a good point about the purse organizer. Somehow I never think of that. That might make the ANI work. I'll go look for some online now ...
  9. I like the Jenny Yuen. The style stands out a little more and it looks fresh!
  10. Cargo bag! I really like the look of it.
  11. The Jenny Yuen! Although it's not the one you showed, I particularly love the Sapphire colour it comes in. Gorgeous! :tup:
  12. I have the Ani bag and I love it. The bag actually has a zipper pocket and two large open pockets on the inside of the bag I never have any problems with finding items in the bag. What I also love is that the bag stands up rather than falling over. They also put some support on the bottom so that it doesn't sag. I got the bag for less than $300 on sale and I keep receiving so many compliments on it that I bought another one of their bags.
  13. I love the Ani - I have one in cognac and it's gotten more beautiful over time. I use a larger chameleon insert, but honestly, with the bright pink lining, it's not difficult to find anything in there at all. Also, it does stand up well as the PP mentioned.

    It'c comfortable, functional, but looks hot too :smile:. The Jenny Yuen (though I love her styles), looks a little bit like an airplane carry-on to me :p, but I would have to see it on someone to comment for sure....
  14. i have to vote for jenny yuen. that style is more versatile - you can dress it up or down.
  15. oh nooooo ... what do I do? :confused1: Several votes for each. You guys are making think I should get both of them! But I can't ...

    I guess I'm leaning toward the JY, because I have a Belen Echandia that is *sort of* the same shape as the ANI. And the JY does look pretty funky ... and I will actually be using it mostly as a travel bag/carry-on, this summer ... so, maybe JY now and ANI this winter.

    Many thanks for the advice :smile: