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  1. Some time ago I posted pics of two Gucci Miss GG top handle bags in the raspberry color. Both were returned due to quality faults but I couldn't get the bag out of my mind. It was such a beautiful color and such a perfect bag for me. So, I ordered another one and when it arrived last week there were some minor flaws but I kept it. One was where the bag was hand painted some black had dropped on the raspberry color. Also there was a slight difference in the handle and trim color from the bag color. Still I kept it. I have carried it 3 times for a total of perhaps 10 hours and today when I was putting it back in its cloth cover, I noticed the black trim on the leather is peeling in several places. I called and everything is fine and they are willing to replace it.

    However, is this normal for a $1580.00 Gucci bag? I am amazed at the quality or lack of quality in this particular bag and I am a bit worried concerning the quality I will receive. Just saw one of the shoppers with bamboo handles and the quality was wonderful.

    For those of you who have several Gucci bags what are your thoughts?

    Sorry for the rambling! Thanks for your thoughts and opinions. IMG_1800.jpg

    An example of one of the black paint drops but not the peeling.
  2. I don't think it's common.. but at the same time I only own a few gucci's. That's really unacceptable you would think quality control would've caught it! :tdown:
  3. Oh no! I hope this isn't common. I'm saving for my first gucci. This is sad news.
  4. Based on what I have seen with Gucci I don't think it is common. Perhaps it is something to do with this bag in this color. I was hoping someone had it and would comment but apparently not so.
  5. It's good to hear that they are willing to replace the bag
  6. I own several Gucci bags and haven't encountered quality issues. Perhaps this was a bad batch. Hopefully, fourth time's a charm. Good luck!
  7. Thank you and I hope so as well. If it isn't done well, I think I will exchange it for the medium shopper with the bamboo handles.
  8. It was Bergdorf Goodman and there were excellent about ii even though the customer relations person had to get approval from her supervisor. I was surprised since I only had the bag in my posession for a week.
  9. I have a lot of Gucci handbags and none of them peeled or had any quality issues even my canvas ones. I'm wondering if the quality problem is specific to that style of bag with that particular colour. I know you really love that bag in that colour but maybe get the same style in a different colour (even though it won't be the same)?
  10. It seems to me the quality issues have to be related to that particular style and color. No doubt you are correct also that I should try something else. I'll know on Wednesday as the 4th one is supposed to arrive! Thanks to all for answering !
  11. Just want to get back with you and tell you the 4th bag arrived yesterday and it was a no go. I didn't even bother taking pictures of it. However, I replaced it with the Nouveau medium shoulder bag in camel. It has a double tassle and bamboo trims and it is one fabulous bag. Wish I could attach a picture but it is rarely that I can. Tried today and got the security token message. Wish I could show it to you. It is fabulous Gucci quality!!
  12. I have 4 Gucci bags and have had no problems at all. I find Gucci the most durable out of my collection which also includes LV, Prada and Chanel