Need advice (again) please! :-)

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  1. I need to decide in the next couple of hours before the sale ends- which one do you prefer? I LOVE the look of the hamilton but the light weight of the dressy. I am 5' 10" so can pull it off but don't carry a billion things. I am a huge pink lover. Advice, opinions and input please! Thanks so much. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395609881.625602.jpg
  2. I say Hamilton!
  3. I'm a newbie here but the Hamilton ALWAYS gets my head to turn. LOVIN that pink!!
  4. My vote goes to the Hamilton.
  5. Thank you for your input. I am leaning the same way. Just can't get over that lock and chain detailing. I do love the weight and size of the dressy but that's about it. :cool:

  6. #6 Mar 23, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2014
    Just my opinion here; I have a MK Hamilton and it has been sitting in my closet since last year.
    It is violet purple with silver HW. Its a gorgeous bag, love looking at it but too darn heavy for me to carry. I carried this bag literally 2 times since its so heavy. So its in my closet sleeping in its dustbag.

    Now I appreciate lovely looking bags but they must be light in weight. I own two selmas and they are very heavy compared to the Dressy. I love my new Dressy Tote and plan on getting another in either your color pink/fushia or if they make a dark khaki in the future I would buy it in a heartbeat.
    Like I said its just my opinion. Some ladies don't care how heavy a bag is to carry but I do since I have back issues.
  7. My vote goes for the Dressy. It's beautiful. The Hamilton just feels like too much pink. If it was the east/ west version, my vote may have been different......:smile:
  8. +1
  9. I think it's important to go with the one you think you'll carry more. When it comes down to looks, the Hamilton is something special compared to the more plain Dressy. But the dressy is not as heavy, so it's probably more comfortable for you to carry. So would you be more likely to reach for the one that looks better or is lighter to carry?
    Is there any way you could get an E/W Hamilton in the same color? That would cut down on the weight and since you don't carry much, it might be a better option (if it is an option).
  10. Hard to pick. I say go for Hamilton you can never have too much PINK!
  11. I can understand where you are coming from and appreciate your opinion. I have come to realize that even my light totes start to feel heavy but I do think the hamilton can be more big and heavy. The sutton is definitely a lot lighter. I'm not sure if I like the way it looks when it is on the shoulder though.

    I don't like the east/west for me, it looks ridiculous on me. I wish MK would make it a few inches bigger, like the outlet hamilton. I don't think it looks like too much pink though, next to the dressy it is only an inch or two taller and doesn't have as much going on, like the zippers and that. I like both though. Thanks for you opinion. :smile:

    This will be my only bag so I guess I will grab it. :lol: The sutton is definitely lighter, but not sure if I am in love with it, if that makes sense. I also like the fact that I can always put more in the hamilton if I want, (umbrella, stuff for work, lunch, etc) but I am thinking to grab a wristlet wallet for those times it/s a quick run in and don't want to lug the bag around.

    Thank you! I agree about the pink. I absolutely love it and think it looks so good and understated with the lock and chain.

  12. I love the Hamilton more, but Lucydee has an excellent point about the weight. I don't carry much in my Hamilton, but getting in and out of the car is a pain.
  13. I love love the Hamilton ... ♡
  14. I was totally loving the sutton/dressy until people started saying it hangs funny when on the shoulder strap (it pulls the leather up). The Selma, while heavier, has a nicer attachment point for the shoulder strap that lays flat. I just think it is so sad the Sutton/dressy wasn't designed better for that. The Hamilton is just bigger, more of a statement!
  15. Yeah I think it can get heavy but is manageable. I've seen several large saffiano hamiltons on other women lately that have softened up a bit and look lovely.