Need advice about Stratus PM

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  1. Last week, I ordered Stratus PM in Ecru and I found out that the colour is not's Beige, so I called the store and said that I would like to return it.

    The SA was trying to locate a new one for me, unfortunately, he said the Stratus in Ecru are mostly gone.

    I called 866 again and told her my story, the rep was really helpful. She did try to locate Ecru one, then found that there's an available one in Atlanta. So, she transfered my call to the store, I decided to get it.

    I asked SA in Atlanta about the condition of the bag whether someone had return it or sth, she said no. At that time, I was so happy.

    The bag came in today. It looks so cute..:smile: Then, after I inspected it , I found some flaws.

    1) underneath the closer, I found a scratch. <<ok, not a big deal>>
    2) at the edge of the closer, I found a tiny tear. << ok, it is hided>>
    3) on the top of the bag, I found the leather was teared (as Tigger had before, which I remembered that thread). :wtf:

    I suddenly thought that, for this particular bag, is the leather is easy to chip and tear?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Add pics...(it's rarely see, though)


  3. *hugs* i'd ask for another bag instead, lambskin is NOT that delicate. For a 2.5k bag, everything should be perfect. good luck! :flowers:
  4. I hope they then can locate another one to exchange for you. Good luck!
  5. Yuck! Return it.
  6. I agree, return it for that much money the bag should be perfection and the leather is not so delicate that it should tear like that. Sorry you are having so much trouble finding a perfect bag! Good luck and keep us posted!
  7. Trade it, the bags aren't that delicate, you got one that was manhandled. I hope they send you a new one soon.
  8. oh! I'm sorry to hear that.You have to exchange another one.
    3) on the top of the bag, I found the leather was teared <--- this is unacceptable for a $2.5K bag. Try to call San Diego LV and NM @ San Diego. I've seen it at ecru color at both stores on last Sat, hopefully they still have it.
    Good Luck!
  9. Thank you all. :flowers:

    I called the Atlanta store and decided to send it back. She said there's no Olympe bags left. So, I couldn't do the exchange thing.

    Tigger, I think I coun't get the one in San Diago, since my cc reaches the limit now (2x $2400) and I haven't received my refund from the first store yet.

    May be this bag is not for me......:sad:
  10. If the marks are not obvious and you love it anyway, keep it.