Need Advice about Refund


Feb 6, 2007
This is the first time I've had to send something back so I'm looking for some advice.

I bought a pair of shoes that were listed at one size and the seller sent me a different size. I notified her the day I received them. The seller said "since it was my error... send them back and i will refund shipping for both transactions... I will need total email to me once sent"

So I mailed them and gave her the total postage of $8.50. The postage was also on the package and I have a receipt.

Several days went by with no communication and I know she had had the shoes back for a few days. I sent her a email telling her I see she received the shoes and wanted to follow up on the refund.

Today I get the message "I like to do transactions ,refunds on friday... note I will refund you my shipping and your purchase price only."

Should I push for the return shipping or just leave it and move on? I don't feel like I should have to pay for it since it wasn't my mistake and it sounded to me in the first e-mail she was planning on refunding both. On the other hand should I make a big deal over $8?

I'll make a claim if the seller continues to stall and doesn't follow through but I'm not sure whether I should say something about the $8 or drop it.

TIA for any comments.


Dec 28, 2006
These are my rules : If it's my fault, I'll refund your shipping price back to me + the rest.
If its the buyers fault or you're not happy with it because you just don't like it, I'll give them a refund of the item only.
So I reckon she should refund you the shipping back, what does her listing say about refunds ? (if anything) :smile:


Feb 6, 2007
Perhaps she just forgot that she made the mistake and that she promised to refund your return shipping as well. I would nicely remind her, maybe send her a copy of what she told you before, and ask her to pay the return shipping as well. You get more flies with honey than vinegar...


Mar 11, 2007
I'd forward a copy of the email to her (where she promised to pay your shipping them back to her) just to refresh her memory.

Could be there is more than one person running her business, and one doesn't know what the other has promised-but a course of action was agreed on & should be followed.