Need advice about neighbours dogs

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  1. Some of you may know I recently moved into a new home. Our backyard is small and is fenced. On the other side of that fence directly across are three chihuahuas. At first I was excited that they could be friends with my two chis. haha well... these poor little dudes are outside all of the time. I know that they sleep inside at night. They are left outside in the morning until around 8 pm at night, the (girl?) comes home lets them in for a little while, then leaves again and puts them back out. They are still outside when I go to sleep, however in the mornings when I first let my dogs out to pee they are in.

    Now I don't believe in having outside dogs, but that is my personal opinion. I guess my personal opinion doesn't necessarily make it wrong even though I wish she treated her dogs better in my mind. They do have food and water from what I can see. It still gets to 98 degrees here in the afternoon, and I'm hot after five minutes of being outside. I keep wondering what happens when it rains, are they stuck out there? it hasn't rained yet so I don't know.

    The other problem is this. They bark incessantly whenever I let my own dogs out. There isn't a time when I'm outside that they aren't having a fit barking/howling/whining aside from that small window when they are inside in the mornings. It's incredibly annoying for me because it takes ten times longer for my dogs to go and I wait outside with them. Nevermind that I don't want to listen to barking everytime I'm in my backyard. I think, what will happen next summer when I want to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine? What does she do when it's the middle of summer and completely innapropriate to keep your dogs outside because of the heat?

    I like to think of myself as a pretty reasonable person, and I wouldn't be complaining about barking (as i know dogs bark) if it wasn't all of the time non-stop. Not to mention the dogs being left outside, except again it is all day and almost all night long.

    Should I do something? is there anything I can do? legally is there anything that can be done? what are my options? help!! I feel bad for these little pups.
  2. That's a tough situation, I would feel bad, too. The only thing I can come up with is write an anonymous letter saying something about how various neighbors are concerned about the well-being of your dogs as they are outside an awful lot, and they barking it out of control. Maybe recommend her getting a little doggy door put in so they can come and go inside as they want? Good luck!
    Btw, I LOVE the new avatar pic, too cute!
  3. I see two ways to go about it...

    1) Talk to the girl and tell her about the barking - this may result in the dogs being allowed inside more, and stop the annoying disturbance whenever your chis go out. Ask her why she leaves them out for so long and why they have no shelter (if you feel comfortable). You may be able to make suggestions and help her in her plight as you too have dog (esp. chi) experience.


    2) Call the police about the barking. I think the juristiction would be theirs for disturbing the peace. If worried about shelter then I suggest calling your local SPCA and voicing your concern so they can help the girl get on the the correct humane track with them.

    Good luck and great work looking out for the little ones next door!!
  4. Do you know if the dogs have a nice shelter outside? I personally do not think it is cruel for dogs to be outdoor dogs only for special reasons like if that is the only way they could keep them, etc., but they must have shelter and are not tied nor tethered, etc. ALTHOUGH, little toy breeds like chi really shouldn't ne outdoor dogs in my opinion...:sweatdrop: Don't you think? And excessive barking does ruin neighbor relations...
    If you feel comfortable, I would approach your neighbor first to give her a chance, whether in person or by letter. If nothing improves nor happens within reasonable time, then contact your local animal control or home association if you are part of it.
    Good luck. These things are tough... When I added the third and last dog, I really went out of my way to talk to my neighbor first and gave my phone number if ANY problem with them arises (He is one of the research dogs so I had no idea how he would do, you know?). I think he barked excessively once so she called also because she was concerned that something was happening. But that was it. So far 2 years passed with no problem. I still stress out when he barks when I get home around 9 PM... But my other neighbors did not know that I had a third dog... I guess there are more barking dogs than mine in the neighborhood that it did not phase anyone. My neighbors are very nice, so maybe they are complaining but not to my face because they don't want us to move out. Hope your neighbor will be nice.
  5. If the barking is super annoying, call the police department and a police officer or an animal control officer will come out. Where I work, a citizen (i.e. YOU) can sign what is called an administrative citation for a local noise ordinance regarding specifically, barking dogs. The fine where I work is $100 per incident in which an officer is called out and an actual citation is written.

    Additionally, if the officer arrives to the residence and THEY actually hear the dog barking, then you do not even have to get involved with the signing of the citation because if the officer hears it, they sign it. I am sure every jurisdiction/police dept/sheriff's office is different, but I believe this is pretty much par for the course.

    I say do it and maybe they will change something about their dog's environment or send them to a home where they are actually a part of the family. I can't believe they would leave out three Chi's!! They are soooooo not outdoor dogs! They need to be inside and be a member of the household (as you know from yours :smile: That is terrible.
  6. Contact code enforcement in your county. My mom had neighbors behind her who's dogs barked no stop from morning till night.

    I don't know how it works where you live, but the county here will send someone out and if they observe a violation like excessive barking, they will send a warning letter, if the person doesn't comply they will be fined.
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice!!

    Tiramisu, the dogs are not tethered at all, they are able to roam freely, there is no shelter for them outside, only a bit of shade from the house, with no overhanging roof thing. In the past week they have been outside all day and all night (like I said with the exception of sleeping inside) besides this sunday where they were not put out until around 12pm. I'm assuming it's because they slept in and let them out once again when they woke up. It concerns me that these people are never home.

    Anyways I think i'll maybe write an anonymous letter to give her fair warning, I hope not to get the police involved. I'm a little afraid of retaliation.

    thanks for all the responses guys! I feel bad for these poor things.
  8. I still strongly suggest contacting the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) - or similar animal wellfare organization - in your area. If it's anything like here they'll order the person to build a doghouse suitable for the chi's, or even seize the dogs depending upon their circumstances. Totally 110% anonymous.
  9. Yikes! I am sorry you are having trouble! And it is always hard when you are a new neighbor not wanting to make waves.

    I think if the dogs are happy and healthy then them living outside isn't a big deal. They have food, water, and shade from the sun. My big baby would not have any other bed but mine! But I know a lot of people don't like animals indoors.

    The barking thing? I agree to talking with them. No letter, it would make me mad I- would rather a person coming to my door and having a conversation and talking to me about it. Maybe they don't realize what is going on. Besides, you never know, they might be the nicest people in the world and you might just become the best of friends! But, if you knock and they get defensive just leave. No need to cause problems! And if you just call the police without giving the people a chance to fix what they might not even know is wrong it is just going to cause harsh feelings and more problems.

    I would deffinately try to make friends with the dogs. Introduce yourself to them, even through the fence. Animals just need to adjust sometimes, and if the dogs become friends, or even just get to know each other they will learn to accept each other, or even be friends themselves. When you take your dogs out, go over and talk to the other dogs and pet them if you let them. They will learn that you are friends and not just people and dogs in their area.

    We just moved ourselves, and my dog had to adjust, too. I hope it works out!
  10. This may be mean, but you could warn her of the "dangerous hawks" that you have seen in the neighborhood...maybe print out a sad internet article about a small dog being carried away by the bird, etc. and show it to her?? In some areas this really has of the reasons I don't let my Chis outside by themselves.

    This may encourage her to keep the pups inside more??

    BTW--I love your new avatar too!! ;)
  11. Let your dog and the chis become friends. Then the chis won't bark at your baby.

    Ask your neighbor for doggie play dates so they can comingle.
  12. They do need some sort of shelter while outside in case of inclement weather when the owners are not home.

    It sounds like they could use a doggie door. I had a similar situation with the people who live behind me. I knew they owned a chi because I met him while walking my own dog one day when the husband had him outside. Because I often sit outside and read I would hear the dog crying in their yard during the day and wondered if they left him outside all day when they weren't home. This is in AZ where it is HOT! One day while walking my dog the owner came home from work and I took the opportunity to tell her I met her dog and how cute he is, and how I often hear him whining while I'm reading outside. She laughed and said he's a big baby who has two doggie doors and ventures outside when he hears a noise, waiting for her to come home. She then went on to gush about how he sleeps with her at night, etc., and I knew how much she adored him. Approaching her in a friendly manner versus accusing her of keeping her dog outside in the heat when I didn't have proof was definitely the right thing to do.

    If you know these dogs don't have a doggie door and don't feel comfortable approaching the owners, calling the authorities to investigate their outdoor accommodations is a better avenue. Your call will remain anonymous.

    I wouldn't let it go, for the dogs' sake.
  13. Well, as fate would have it, last night it rained. As I was driving home from work at 4pm it started and all I could think about were those poor dogs. It was raining so hard I could barely see out of my windsheild. Of course it came as no surprise that the dogs were caught out in the rain. They were all huddled by (her) back door looking sad and wet. On my way home I drove down their street and wrote down the address, then I called an emergency number that I got online earlier in the day...except the voicemail was "full". Unbelievable. So I left a message in the operators voicemail, and this is where we stand. It rained all night last night and the owners didn't get home until 8:30pm so they were in the rain for 4 1/2 hours. :sad: I'm pissed. I no longer care what the owner has to say for herself, I'll let the spca take care of this (hopefully) those dogs deserve better. So if I don't hear back soon I'm going to call again... we'll see what happens.
  14. ^OMG I would be so upset too!

    It is absolutely shocking to me how indifferent and thoughtless some owners can be :sad:
  15. :mad::mad::mad:

    I hate irresponsible crappy pet owners, especially when it comes to Chis!!! They are so loving, and are meant to be spoiled, not left out in the cold pouring rain! I hope animal cruelty prevention forces of whatever kind embarrass and shame her into taking better care of them.