Need advice about filing SNAD

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  1. I bought an item on eBay for $40 and when it arrived it was flawed. I contacted the seller who said she would replace the item no problem. Unfortunately, I was just about to go on vacation for three weeks and I forgot to send it back. I just found the item under the pile of junk on my desk and tomorrow is the last day to file with PP. I contacted the seller who is still willing to exchange the item.

    My questions are, should I file a SNAD to protect myself against any problem with the exchange? Will filing a SNAD hurt my seller in any way? I am totally at fault for letting this much time pass and I am reluctant to file if it brings a black mark against my seller. However, the item has a serious flaw and I would not be able to sell it as it is.

    The seller is a powerseller that I have purchased from in the past so I believe she will deal fairly with me, but still . . .

  2. Filing a SNAD will cause a tie-up of the money in her paypal account and also go on her internal record. If you know she will deal fairly with you, just deal fairly with her.
  3. Also if you file against her expect to be blocked from buying from her ever again in the future.
  4. That's what I was worried about!! I absolutely do not want my seller to be inconvienced in any way because of my forgetfullness.