Need advice about buying this Ergo

  1. Ok, a White Leather Ergo Hobo (10740) is up for sale on E-bay. The BIN price & shipping is $190 insurance included. Good deal or what? MSRP is $268. 100% positive but only 200+ feedback. I already compared the picture with the drilldown and looked at the creed. I'm pretty confident it's authentic. What do you guys think? Stay away or go for it?
  2. It sounds like a pretty good price, but if you have an outlet close, you could probably get one for the same (or even less), plus you wouldn't have to worry about authenticity. If you're going to buy the one on eBay, post some pics over in the Authenticate This thread. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. Good luck.
  3. i think no. the leather ergos are at outlets now and on sale. from your msrp of 268 thats the med one.

    when i went to buy my lrg sig ergo i saw a all leather camel color lrg one for 148 it was a mis tag but still. on the forums people say the lrg one at outlets are 200. so comparing your 190 for a med bin i say NO!

    unless you are in love =)