Need advice about a crazy neighbor

  1. Dh and I have some bad next door neighbors. The last few weeks I have heard my neighbors boyfriend up in the craw space(for some reason the craw space extends into our apartment). We can hear him up there spying on us. Dh seems to think that he is hiding drugs up there (their apartment has been searched for drugs before by the police). Dh wants to go to the cops and tell them what he thinks is going on. But I am a little freak out that either a) the police won't do anything B) the cops will go in there and they will somehow find out that we called on them. I don't know what to do. I feel like I don't have any privacy in my own home and it bugs me knowing he is up there. I was thinking of possibly calling the maintenance crew and telling them I heard mice up there or something and if they see drugs they could call the cops. Ah! I don't know what to do. Should we go straight to the police or should I call maintenance?? Any suggestions would be helpful!
  2. That is scary..I guess 'cause I'm a little wimpy ( too afraid to call the cops in case he found out) I would definately call maintenace..stat!!
  3. you should definitely contact the police, you dont know if its something that could be endangering. Tell them you want to remain anonymous.:wondering
  4. Call the PD and ask to speak to a desk officer, just to run by him/her the situation. Hopefully the officer will not act uninterested like sometimes they do. Otherwise, I guess you could let loose a couple of rattle snakes up in that crawl space..LOL
  5. I would call maintenance and have them look around up there. Crooks and weirdos hang out in crawl spaces. I LOVE the rattlesnake idea! Too funny! Maybe your DH can go up there and have a look around when you're sure the guy is not there. If it's drugs -that's one thing and the police can handle that but if it's that he's spying on you - that's just strange and needs to be dealt with immediately.
  6. I thought I had insane neighbors! :weird: I seriosuly, think you should do something. These people seem pretty strange and possibly dangerous. :suspiciou
  7. Call the police. They can check it out without them knowing you called. Like you said, they were called in before. If they handle it the same way they won't know you had anything to do with the police showing up. Don't ignore it. The situation could get worse.
  8. The rattle snake sounds like a good idea.:lol: . But I am very scared of snakes.

    Another thing that bugs me is, this guy isn't even suppose to be living there. We live in on campus family housing. The apartments are for married couples, single parents, or married couples with children. So under university rules he is only allowed there 3 days out of the month. But he is there everyday! I know other residents have reported them for this reason but the university didn't seem interested in doing anything.

    I am still a little torn but I am leading towards going to the police.

    Thanks everyone for giving me advice. I really appreciate it!
  9. In that case-- how about the campus police/officials? They wouldn't know who complained...
  10. Unfortunately we don't have access to the craw space. I wish we did.
  11. ^^ I probably will go to campus police. But I am still unsure. Ack!
  12. I would buy a nail gun and shoot his ass while he is in my part of the apartment crawlspace. Up thru the ceiling! If you see blood dripping down, u know you hit your mark! LOL

  13. LOL Selena! :lol: You're hilarious :lol:
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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