NEED ADVICE - 2nd Interview but I don't want the Job!

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Should I..

  1. Be upfront and keep the interview short

  2. Go through with the interview, if hired then decline the position

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  1. So I got a 2nd interview for an internship with the company tomorrow at 9AM PST but I have a problem: I just realized that I can't accept the position because of scheduling conflict with school. Should I...

    1) Be upfront with the interviewer when I go in for my interview tomorrow (i.e. tell the interviewer my situation and thank her for her time. Keeping it brief.) OR

    2) Go through with the interview process, see if I get hired, then decline it if I get hired.

    I don't know what the professional way of handling this situation is. Please help! TIA!
  2. Give you and the interviewer the courtesy of your hard-earned time and update her with the schedule conflict. Keep it upbeat and who knows - maybe she will have a referral for you for something else or keep you in mind for another opportunity. In the end, that's a win-win outcome.
  3. Call the interviewer and tell her you're not available. Don't waste her time with the interview.
  4. ITA, it's the most mutually respectful thing to do...and you won't burn any bridges!
  5. I suppose it's a bit too late by the time you read this, but I would definitely give the interviewer a call/email telling him about your situation. Maybe he's able to work out something for you. If he can't, then ask him to refer you to somewhere else, and request to cancel the interview.
  6. I agree, if you know you aren't going to take the job regardless, I would call her ahead of time & let her know your situation. I'm sure she would appreciate that more than taking her time up for nothing.
  7. ITA
  8. This will keep someone else who may be very interested in the job out of a second interview... I would call and let them know thank you for the opportunity, but this job is not for you right now. This could make someone else's dream come true with a 2nd interview.