Need a work bag recommendation!!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am really in need of a nice bag to go to work. I need something that is a bit structured and large enough to hold a binder plus some others.
    (Preferably able to hold a small laptop, but that's not an absolute must, since I can always use my Tumi for that). I also have a franklin covey red tote that i use to carry my laptop.

    All my other purses are too small to bring to work. :sad:

    I work in the medical field, and I go to hospitals to do presentation to educate them about new drugs etc. So I do need to look somewhat professional!

    Please don't tell me to get a hermes because my husband may divorce me before I even get the bag! :hysteric:

  2. Hi fayewolf, must the bag be a leather bag? What's your budget? Thanks.
  3. i recommend Muse by YSL. It's such an "it" bag that looks sleek and professional. If you prefer big bag, oversize muse is perfect for you. It has a classic look so you don't have to be worried that i will go out of style. I'm considering buying one too.
  4. Yeah, I prefer leather, and I'm hoping it will cost less than $1000
  5. i would recommend chloe edith in big size... it can fit my 12" laptop, but it's harder to fit a 15" along with the laptop cover :P
    it's leather adn it's professional enough, and u can put the handle in your shoulder cause laptop is heavy...
  6. Have you considered a Mulberry Bayswater? They are pretty large and the leather is really beautiful. It's a classic bag and, even though it's kind of heavy, it's perfect for work IMO.
  7. I know, I am so mad because someone from MUA (makeupalley) found a chocolate bayswater at Marshalls for ... get this,

  8. what?! at Marshalls?! lucky her! such a great deal!
  9. I bought a Louis Vuitton Damier Chelsea for work. It is large enough to fit my folders and junks, hehehe. The main thing is that the Damier pattern doesn't scream out EXPENSIVE LV. I love it because I don't have to worry about the leather patina or the vinyl scratching. It's worth every $$$$.
  10. ^^^if I had the money right now I would probably get a damier. Randoms won't think you're pretentious, while those "in the know" will think it's stylish. The colors are so nice and neutral to go w/ everythig. Plus, I like that they're not really leather, but canvas:smile:
  11. I'm in the medical field as well, and I normally have been using Coach or LV totes for my documents, but am planning on getting a Balenciaga City or Work for fall - I'd consider checking those out. Great sizes and colors, and their leather is very light.

    I was also considering the Mulberry, but I have heard it's quite heavy. I think the YSL Muse is a bit too mature looking for me (I'm in my late 20's), but it's a gorgeous bag and definitely of the moment.
  12. Marc Jacobs Stella
    YSL Muse
  13. I made my decision!! totally getting a baleciaga Work!! I found it in Ink and thats gonna be my new baby, and i will ban myself for a long time before i am allow to get another one. :smile:
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